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Thursday 05 January, 2012 | By Ken


This 2010 Hyundai Genesis started life as a beautiful rear-wheel drive coupe, complete with the 2.0T world-motor that shares the same platform as the EVO X. Before the Genesis, Hyundai’s two-door coupe was the Tiburon, which was a front-wheel drive, 4 and 6 cylinder natural-aspirated platform that just doesn’t compare to successor. Two completely different cars, made by a automaker that has improved by leaps and bounds over the past two decades. Setting apart the differences at first glance between the predecessor and successor is not hard, but truly understanding that both vehicles are completely different animals requires taking a closer look at the spec sheet.

In this case, Kristin’s Genesis has taken the form of an animal not commonly associated with power nor aggressiveness. But don’t let the whiskers, big eyes and pink attire fool you. This Kitty knows how to make an impact.


Kristin, as you will see, not just turned her vehicle into a head-turning, award-winning, taste-fully done Genesis, but her obsession with Hello Kitty is reflected and well represented in the work she has done with her Genesis. It’s not just about having parts, but its also about having the “right” parts. Take for example the appropriate Volk Racing CE28’s “Genesis”.


Just look at that smile! Those might look like braces, but they will chew you up and spit you out.


Attention to detail is everywhere in this build. And thats why its no surprise that this Genesis has taken home numerous awards. Just to name a few:
2011 Streamwood HS – Best Modified Import
2011 Stance WI Stay Awesome Car Show – Peoples Choice
2011 Chicago Wekfest – 3rd Place Best Import
2011 Street Certified – Peoples Choice




Inside, outside and under the hood. Power, elegance and of course Kitty influence can be found. Those Status Racing seats compliment the interior just right.



We got this shot just as our night was ending. Representing Chi-town, its appropriate that Kristin’s Genesis, also known as “NotATib” was sitting at “Chicago Street”, and we were able to capture “All of the Lights”. Although she has moved on to the next project, we are honored to have gotten a chance to Feature one of the cleanest, properly done and unique import of 2011.

“All Of The Lights” – Kanye West

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Kristin would like to give a special thanks to SixStar Motorsports, A&L Autobody, and Status Racing.

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Photo Credit: Kenny Bascon
Chris Mallari

Mods List:

Superlux Taillights
M&S Foglight Surrounds
Luxon Grill
Tomei CF Insert
Seibon TS Hood
APR Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam
ARC Shiftknob
Tomei TI Expreme Catback
MXP Downpipe
MXP Testpipe
Injen IC Piping
TIAL Q bov
Injen CAI
Mishimoto Radiator
PowerAXEL Reflash
NGK Iridium IX Plugs
Stance GR+ Coilovers
Cusco Front & Rear Swaybars
Volk Ce28N Genesis
Rays Engineering Duraluminum Lugs
Fatlace Valve Stem Caps
Custom Black Alcantra Status Racing Ring Seats with Carbon/Kevlar backs

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