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Tuesday 26 July, 2011 | By SNTRL


We first met TMINUS on the streets of New York at the Exotics Rally Times Square Charity car show a year ago. He was going up and down 45th street talking to people and making noise! A year later, we are proud to say that not just have we forged a strong friendship, but TMINUS brings his years in the game, and his unique personality to SNTRL! Introducing TMINUS! Get to know who exactly TMINUS is with the exclusive interview:

What does TMINUS mean?
TMINUS is my name, my on-screen persona, and the entity I represent in business.

TMINUS - Queens finest

The name TMINUS derives from the Pro-Drag Performance shop I owned on the Queens/Nassau County border, back in 1997. I thought to name it something that relates to racing/motorsports/performance, but doesn’t specify it directly. The word TMINUS signifies the countdown of time, and time is what you’re trying to save in racing. The motto for the shop was TMINUS: Time reduction strategies for the street. Makes sense right?


I had a 1995 NSX-T at the time, and my TMINUS logo was on the windshield… I was reppin’ @ the NYC street races every Thursday/Friday/Saturday night  – Zerega Ave/ Hunt’s Point/ Francis Lewis Blvd/ Maurice Ave/ Greenpoint/ Meeker-Morgan/ Fountain Ave/ Conduit – People started to know me by my shop’s moniker and my cars… This was back in the days when Hunt’s Point would have 1000+ cars on a Friday night and the cops were overwhelmed and couldn’t do anything to break up the races… The days where people would stop traffic on the Deegan and the Bruckner highways in the Bronx for the $5-10,000 money races…. The days when Toyota Corolla 1.8’s and Starlet’s with rotaries were killin’ shit, and the people doing proper burnouts were driving Grand Nationals, Fox body Mustangs, and Turbo Thunderbirds.. Waaaaay before the Fast & the Furious movie and the Altezza tail light wielding Civics hit the scene… Way before the term ‘ricer’ was a household word.

TMINUS - Japan - Filming

After selling the TMINUS shop for a decent profit, I started traveling and went back & forth to Japan a few times. During one trip, in Osaka, I was in an electronics store and happened to come across a brand new format of film in what was commonly known as a ‘handycam’ – A handheld Sony that records onto Mini-DV tapes. I bought it to be the first in NYC with it and that move changed my path in life… I got back to NYC and started filming all the crazy races out on Ocean Pkwy (by Jones Beach) and everything else that was exciting to watch in the streets, as well as numerous 3am runs on the Interboro (A twisty/deadly 4-mile stretch of perfect tarmac highway btwn Queens & BK now known as the Jackie Robinson Pkwy)

Around the same time (2000-01), I linked up with a director of a street racing DVD series who lived in Washington D.C., and I started giving him all this footage that I was accumulating. I also starred in it and my first piece, “The GTR Mustang” was appropriately named “Domestic Rice” and it sent me as a on-screen character into stardom – I was in Englishtown for a drag day and came across a s STOCK LX Mustang in the parking lot with his hood open, showing off his car.. First thing I noticed was he had Japanese aftermarket shop names on his back window and a Nissan GTR symbol/badge on the trunk… I started laughing and thought, I have to interview this guy… I had my press pass on and walked up to him, asked him for an interview for a bogus online race magazine, and then led him into ricer-doom with my questions, he fell for it like champ and made a complete fool out of himself on camera… I asked him if it had a rotary engine in it, with pistons, and headers, and he said yes to all… It was epic! Someone then ripped just that part off the DVD and uploaded it to youtube and BLAM! Teckademics and The Mischief DVD series was on the map!

I filmed with them for another couple of years, putting together all the footage from my visits to Japan/Germany/France and around the US. If you’re familiar with the series, examples of me and my work can be found in films 1-4 in the parts; Snow, Top Speed Run in a Lamborghini Gallardo on the Autobahn, Frog Killer with Dado, Japan, Reckless and various other collaborations.

In 2004 the director and I failed to see eye to eye and I left to start freelancing on my own. I have filmed for/produced everything from a hip-hop documentary for Ace of Spades Entertainment on the underground world of open mic contests in NYC, to parts in Rob Ferretti’s ‘Super Speeders’ DVD series, and everything low-budget in between.

The TMINUS life

What are you going to show me?
I intend to open your eyes to my world of exotic cars, exclusive events, and daily NYC living.

What makes you better than that guy?
I’m not better, I’m different. I’m an individual in the masses of populous. I’m the rebel black sheep in a world of white sheep. I stand out as a leader marching to the beat of my own drum, and I like it that way.

Are you a nut rider?
No. Never have been. Fuck the people that jump on the bandwagon of others. Fuck the people that ride the coat tails. Be your own person and rock out to it with the pride of a million misguided government leaders.

Are you a dreamer?
No, I am a realist. I forever look at the bright side of things and try to stay positive. This life is unpredictable and if you’re not laughing, you’re crying.

Are you a name dropper?
When relative to definition in conversation, yes. Other than that, absolutely not. I hate name droppers… The vast majority of people you meet in this world are constantly telling you that they know the best Pizzeria, the dopest DJ, they bone the hottest chick and she does this and that, they have houses in this and that famous place, and they hang on a normal basis with this and that celebrity… WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK?!! Not me. I don’t name drop or talk relentlessly about myself because I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE people who do.

Are you a hypebeast?
I like to be the first with shit…. I like to have things no one else can get their hands on. I am a trendsetter in my own right. I like to go against the grain, and more often than not, I find that people appreciate it.

Where are you from?
I was born in Armagh, Northern Ireland, and was raised in Queens, NYC.

Where have you been?
I have been to many different places in the world, as traveling is one of my great passions. Every state in the Continental United States by car (Except Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Japan, and Australia.

Where are you going?
Currently, I’m producing and co-producing events, and marketing anything I deem a guaranteed sale. I’m a hustler in every form of the word. Ultimately, I want to be a night time talk show host, like David Letterman. Definitely not taking the traditional avenues to get there, but I’m confident that one thing leads to another and the snowball effect produces excellent results.

What does SNTRL mean to you?
It’s a bright and innovative look into a rogue and ‘in the know’ section of NYC car culture I find interest captivating.

What have you driven?
You name it, except for a Veyron, a Zonda, and a Koenigsegg. I’m very privileged to lead the life I do, producing exotic car events in the tri-state area, and test driving new cars for Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Cadillac, and the like at various tracks/events. I myself have owned a Acura NSX-T, 2 M3’s – an E36 and E46, a E39 M5, a Supercharged 350z, a 3rd gen single turbo Supra and a 4th gen twin turbo Supra, and a Ford Crown Vic unmarked police car. I buy and drive cars that I like for various reasons. I’m all over the board with what I like and dislike. I never buy a car because it impresses women, or because it validates my social or financial status. It’s all about the experience for me. Forget the complexity, keep life simple and drive what makes you happy.

What are you driving?


Currently, I’m driving 22yr old car that’s an OG in the game. A 1989 Honda CRX Si.


I have been looking for a clean example of this car for over 10 years. Problem is, the ones for sale are either riced out, or rusted out, or both. I came across this fine example a few months ago, and just hours after the seller listed it, I bought it. It’s in AMAZING condition with the stock Si CRX floor mats and the Honda radio equalizer in the console.


Motor/Tranny wise it has a: b16a1 motor and tranny swap (w/LSD) from Japan, ARC air induction box, Skunk2 intake manifold w/ 70mm throttle body, head is ported and polished with Ferrea valvetrain and 9500rpm limit, DC ceramic 4-2-1 headers, Nishimoto over-sized radiator, Hasport motormounts, Denso plugs and wires, FPR, fuel rail, and injectors, 3″ header-back straight exhaust with stock muffler and 1.5″ (stock looking) tip, Exedy stage 5 clutch, and a Fidanza 9lb LTFW.


Suspension wise it has: Tein SS 20-way adj. coilovers with pillowball mounts and camber plates, Password JDM triple point front tower strut bar, DC Sport rear tower strut bar, Blackworks rear LCA’s, Suspension Techniques rear sway bar, and Polyurethane bushings.



Interior only has: a Personal Race steering wheel with NRG removable kit, a Blox weighted shift knob and a short shift kit.


Exterior only has: Carbon Fiber roof and sunroof, Spoon mirrors, and the JDM lip wing.



Recently, I took my BMW 7 series off the road, and employed the CRX as a weekend car. Bang for the buck, you’d be hard pressed to find a car more fun to drive. I also have a 08 Subaru Impreza that I drive on the daily, and a 1997 COMPLETELY BUILT/Boosted Prelude Type-SH that’s sitting in storage.

When can you start?
ASAP. 24/7. 365. Done deal.

TMINUS is now part of the ever growing SNTRL Familia. We’re proud to have TMINUS onboard to provide a view of the life that is usually out of reach to most. Exclusive events, interviews, exotics, and some of that special TMINUS humor that no one should be without.

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