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Saturday 22 December, 2012 | By Ken

It’s hard to imagine that this DC2 Honda Integra Type R (ITR) is over a decade old. And yes Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s not a typo. “Honda Integra” straight from the streets of Japan. Even being a 2000 year ITR, she still manages to look as beautiful as she did nearly 13 years ago, making many get weak in the knees. Take a car that was produced in limited qualities, then take it another notch or three with a true JDM version, and what you have before you is something special.

When Ferdi Rivera first purchased his JDM ITR 3 years ago, the car needed TLC. The roof, driver’s side quarter panel among a few other areas, needed some attention. The car was also completely stock at the time, but Ferdi saw the opportunity, and not surprisingly, jumped on it.  Getting a chance to own a classic-in-the-making, let alone one that was never available in dealerships on our shores was something that he could not pass up. And so, the journey to making a dream come true began.

Inspired by Spoon Sports, a company founded upon building, tuning and racing Honda’s, Ferdi’s Integra Type R is the type of build that we always enjoy covering. Clean lines and a functional build can never be beat and that particular theme is as timeless as the DC2 ITR itself. Spoon Sports make up the majority of the modifications, and for a car such as the ITR, a purpose-made vehicle built to perform, Spoon parts fits the Type R like a glove. Staying true to the “rare” theme of the build are the wheels, 16 x 8 Dunlop CPRs. Sitting just right on Apex N1 coil overs, function meets form. There is a fine line between tipping the scale more towards function and vice versa, but achieving just the right balance is beautiful thing.

SNTRL’s Norman Midence captured the essence of Ferdi’s Type R just perfectly with this Feature shoot. Shot after First Class Fitment, the backdrop provided just the right touch to compliment just how awesome this Honda is. Check out the full Feature set and enjoy!

Exterior and Wheels: Vis. Spoon style lip, Spoon calipers, Spoon antenna,Spoon side view mirrors, J’s Racing air duct, 16×8 Dunlop CPCPRS wrapped in Faulken Ziex ZE 912.

Suspension: Apexi N1 coilovers,  Spoon front and rear, upper and lower tie bar, Function 7 lower control arms,

Interior: Spoon cluster, Spoon Titanium knob, Spoon rear upper tie bar, Spoon steering wheel, NRG quick release an hub, Status Hockenheim bucket seats an rails, Takata harnesses long version, Circuit Hero shifter extension, Spoon rear view mirror , Cusco roll cage with optional bar

Engine/Performance: Spoon valve cover signed, Spoon MCB, Spoon torque damper, Spoon radiator hoses, Spoon spark plug cover, Spoon spark plugs, Spoon radiator stays, Spoon radiator cap, Spoon socks, Spoon front upper tie bar, Bolt Boys v2 bolts, Spoon header, Spoon intake filter, Apex N1 axle-back

Our good friend, Harry, had his Honda Ruckus join in the Feature shoot with a cameo shot!


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