Always Bet on Black!

Monday 17 December, 2012 | By Clive

Ever played roulette? Well, let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on black! Yes it’s a line from a 1992 movie Passenger 57, but in this case John Cutter was right! This month I have the pleasure of shooting Rob, and Maxim’s Lexus’. Both black on black, well in this case black on black on black on black.  Quadruple black, Slammed, VIP’d, presidential excellence. Let’s start with Maxim Lukawski’s IS350, in a play on the thug life chose me. Max says the IS chose him. Max had a Slammed tC prior to going on a hunt for a new car. When he started looking he was interested in BMW’s and other high end brands. He wanted something with the ability to move out of its own way. After test driving tons of cars he stumbled on an IS350 on the web. Started researching and he found that the IS350 was a little bit slower than an ISF, but the only downside was that the IS350 only comes with an auto trans. After Max convinced himself that auto is better for the daily commute, he bought it. Did I mention this is a daily driver? Well it is, a Wald International Sports Line kit wearing daily.

When Max laid out a plan to modify the IS he decided to only rock real parts. Parts that did not take away from the beautiful lines the Lexus comes with.  So with that in mind Max added a Wald lip kit, Wald trunk spoiler, IS-F outer tail lights, and the Work Gnosis GS-5 rims tying everything together.

Max has owned this car for just over a year, and is still planning to add more to the IS. As he researches more he will be looking to add an exhaust and a roof spoiler to the car. The interior is laid out with Junction Produce swag, seat cushions, neck cushions, bibs, and Gintuna, Also a Garson Mink chain. This IS rides on BC BR coils with custom spring rates and custom valving. So the ride is still smooth at such a low height. All in all Maxim’s IS 350 is well rounded and on point with what’s happening in today’s scene. Thumbs up Max, keep it up with what you are doing!

Max would like thank his girlfriend for listening to him ramble on and on, his father for always being there to lend an extra hand, family and friends, Necos and other guys from Aficionado for helping him put this car together, and the internet car-community for making research so easy.

 But wait there is more…

Now onto the wonderful GS300. Rob De Los Santos carried a background in American muscle. Rob had a Monte Carlo until an accident rendered the car useless. So he went on the hunt for a new car. He decided on getting a Dodge Charger SRT8 until his brother pointed him in the direction of VIP, and Rob fell in love. After seeing such excellent cars he acquired a GS300, not only because he liked it but figured he could live up to the Notorious B.I.G rhyme: line “tell your friends jump in the GS3, I got the chronic by the tree.”

When Rob began modding the GS he had very little to go on as the midwest was and still is lacking a large VIP scene. He began looking to the East and West coast, and of course Japan for inspiration. For being his first venture in the JDM VIP market Rob is getting it right. The car has a somewhat subtle yet classy look he has achieved with legit parts. The TTE front lip is very subtle, and flows well with the front of the car. Then the Q45 gatling gun projectors set it off. Bringing you to the rear with the UGO roof wing, and the Junction Produce 3-pc spoiler. All these body add-ons give the normally bland Executive car a pleasing silhouette. It also helps that it slammed and fitted with Leon Hardritt’s discontinued Herzog’s.

Rob would like to thank his girlfriend Jules for being there through all my countless car meets and shows. His mom, and his brothers Ken and Anthony for steering him onto this path. Also Four Star Society for their continued support and encouragement.

So the next time you go to a Roulette table remember the words of John Cutter, and these 2 smooth VIP Lex’s. Always bet on black!

Maxim’s IS350 mod list:

Exterior Modifications

  • Wald International Sports Line 4pc Lip Kit
  • Wald International Rear Trunk Spoiler
  • JDM IS-F Outer Tail Lamps


Interior Modifications

  • Junction Produce Gintuna
  • Garson Mink Chain
  • Junction Produce Seat Cushions
  • Junction Produce Neck Cushions
  • Junction Produce Seat Bibs


Suspension Modifications



  • Work Gnosis GS-5 19×9.5 +24 (f) 19×10.5 +24 (r)
  • Achilles ATR Sport 225/35/19 (f) 265/30/19 (r)
  • Muteki Black lug nuts



  • 6,000K HID Low Beams
  • 3,000K HID Fog Lamps
  • All Halogen bulbs replaced with VLEDs




Rob’s GS300 Mod list:


  • Junction Produce 3-pc trunk spoiler
  • UGO roof spoiler
  • TTE front lip
  • Custom Q45 projector retrofit
  • Sonar LED taillights
  • JDM Toyota chrome trunk bar
  • JDM Toyota window visors
  • Junction Produce accessories (fusa, pretzel, pads/pillows, etc.)
  • RazoLuxis shift knob


  • Leon Hardiritt Herzog, Front 19×9.5, +25, Rear 19×10.5, +27
  • Nankang NS-II Tires, Front 235/35/19, Rear 245/35/19
  • Stance GR+ coilovers



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