2000 HP WAR

Tuesday 21 February, 2012 | By Ken

Welcome to Queens, New York.

Known for many things such as it’s airports, Citifield(and the former Shea Stadium), the World’s Fair, home of Peter Parker aka Spiderman, its diverse neighborhoods, the King of Queens, its rich Hip-Hop history as well as Prince Joffer in Coming to America, one thing that generally doesn’t come to mind is 4-wheeled-domestic animals that tear streets up on a regular daily basis.

“…there’s a war going on outside no man is safe from….” – Mobb Deep (repping that Q-Borough)

A horsepower war that started out innocently enough between two friends who wanted to stay ahead of the other with their respective vehicles and ended up taking their passion for power to the next level.

Two cars. Two rivals. Two friends. One chose a turbo, the other a supercharger. One rolls on Mickey’s and the other on Hoosiers. It never gets old.

Chevy vs Ford. A rivalry that has gone on for decades and in recent times has been ramped up with factory-tuned beasts and more notably technological breakthroughs in aftermarket tuning. This has opened the doors for some of the most insane street machines to date.

First up, meet Louis and his Z51 C6 Corvette. Only the second single-turbo engine-bay mounted C6 Vette with a 91mm turbine sitting right beside Ellis, looking pretty with those shiny FMIC braces up front, it’s not everyday you see a turbo C6 corvette on the street. It’s even more rare when you consider that this Vette is constantly on the prowl on the streets for its next victim.

E85 at the pump is a beautiful thing, and for a street car like this vette, that translates to 1068whp at 18psi.

Even with the CCW Drag Pack’s wrapped with Mickey Thompson ET Street drag radials, as you would expect, this Vette lights up the tires with ease. Getting sideways in third gear on purpose for thrills is an option.

A true Queens, New York product. Louis, along with his boy Chris, built these cars in their garage. No shop cars here. This C6 represents the borough to the fullest.

Besides the turbo, pistons, rods and cams, putting together this single turbo setup required custom fabrication on mounting the turbo and all piping. Matthew Pospishil at Mattek Racing gets the nod to an excellent job well done for the fab work.

The beautiful thing about Chris’ Cobra is that at first glance, it looks like just another 2003 Mustang Cobra. But for those that are in the “know”, it’s the details that count. In the case of this particular Cobra, its what’s under the hood and in the trunk.

Under the hood, this Cobra comes ready for any challenge thrown its way. A Boss 5.3 block, Livernois Stage 3 ported heads and an intimidating Whipple 3.4 Crusher Supercharger. Stock looking on the outside, incredibly beautiful on the inside.

The infamous plate, “Whippled” and those Hoosiers are just a few key details that give tell-tale signs that this might not be your average Mustang. Sure, we have seen other “stock-ish” Cobra’s rockin drag radials, but here is a car that, like it’s bow-tie turbo rival, can light up the tears easily by just going wide-open-throttle in third gear. Hoosiers by necessity.

That 100-shot packs some serious venom for those moments when a challenger needs that extra “sting”. Watch out for the snakes fatal bite.

Power to the tune of 760 whp/800 tq on pump gas and 911 whp/1110 tq on C16. Seeing the 3.4 Crusher gives us flashbacks of the classic Mad Max Interceptor and its charger spinning while chasing down those old-school crotch rockets. 1000 whp on the dyno coming shortly!

Can you say 2000 horsepower?

WARNING: No track-only stars or dyno-trailer queens here. Daily driven monsters need-only-apply.

For the full modifications list and  full gallery for this BULLIT Feature, please scroll below.

Blog credit: TMINUS NYC

Photo Cred: Kenny Bascon / TMINUS NYC

2008 C6 Z51 Chevrolet Corvette Modifications List

418 LS3 By Lab of Lindenhurst.

Callies Compstar H beam Rods
K1 Forged Stroker Crank
Wiseco forged -32cc coated pistons
-67cc LS3 Heads done by Frankie Ford(local Guru)
ARP Head studs
Comp Cams 247/247 627/627 118LSA
Katech C5r Chain
-Ported LS3 oil pump
Yella Tella Rockers
Ati Super damper crank pulley

Fuel System:
-Stock pump with an external Fuel Lab 1500hp pump
– -8 Feed and -6 return
– Fuel Lab boost ref. Fuel pressure regulator
FIC 1300cc Fuel injectors
Aeromotive Fuel rails

Turbo kit:
-Custom hot and cold side using all V-bands
-CX Racing 5″ thick Intercooler
Garrett T6 GT 91 Turbo with a 1.08 A/R
JGS 60mm B.O.V and Wastegate
-Custom Griffen Radiator with -24an fittings

-Stock Rear and Trans(for now) with DTE BRACE
-Spec T-Trim Twin Disk Clutch
CCW DRAG PACK 17×4.5 & 18×12

Previous best time – 11.4 @ 130mph with no traction (supercharged at the time)

Silver 10th Anniversary Mustang Cobra #8040 #1750 of 2003

– 324ci Boss Block
Whipple 3.4 Crusher
Livernois Stg3 Heads
– MMR Blower Cams
Lethal Performance Return Style Fuel System
– ARH 1 7/8″ Longtubes
– 3″ Exhaust
Dynotune Nitrous Kit 100 shot
Mcleod RXT
– Tuned by John Lund

Previous best 1/4 mile time before the present motor/supercharger setup – 10.17 @ 142 mph

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