WEKEAST 2014 – MikeK Media

Friday 29 August, 2014 | By Pravan

SNTRL has always been a fan of MikeK Media. Sometime ago, he left for California to pursue his studies and we felt like it was a loss to the local car community. The absence of his vision and perspective was what we really missed and appreciated because he was able capture emotion. Its rare to find a videographer who is equally passionate about videography as he is with cars. Always a pleasure to see his perspective. Sit back and grab your favorite drink and hit play. We promise it won’t disappoint.

About the author

I’m Pravan but if you really knew me, you’d call me Prav. A few things I’m into: Educating our youth, vintage North Face gear, 90′s Hip Hop, all things photography and most importantly satiating my glutinous palate. You guys can check out my work: P R A V A N | Photography + Pravanphotography.com You can contact me personally at: [email protected]

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