Trendsettaz Mother’s Day Car Show and Dyno Event

Wednesday 30 May, 2012 | By Evan Kaston

Usually Mother’s Day is filled with hugs and kisses and flowers, but this year it was all about the grease, oil, emissions, and the pure beauty of a worked car. Saturday the 19th marked another annual Trendsettaz Mother’s Day Car Show and Dyno Event, which has grown in popularity each and every year.

What attracts enthusiasts to this specific meet is it’s close to home location promoting the strictly New York auto scene, Hot97’s personal DJ pumpin out the beats throughout the whole event, the excellent burgers and dogs being served up during the show, and of course Lincoln Tech’s infamous dyno where we see some real cars put up some real numbers.

The event started midday at noon when most of the cars started pouring in, and went until about 4pm when the awards were announced. The attendance kept increasing as the hours went by, which made it a lot more difficult for the judges to sort out the best rides for each of the categories. Some of these awards given out included best euro, best domestic, best JDM, best stance, and highest dyno run, which was awarded to a red mark three supra that put down an incredible 477 to the wheels.

Model’s Yvette Urena and Carmen Urena sitting pretty with a certain yellow S4.

The people came out to see some impressive cars and with because of the Trendsettaz promotion of the event, no one left unhappy. Anything you wanted to see, and some which you didn’t expect to see, were present at the show on Saturday. From race core monsters like built Evo’s and rotary powered beasts to neck breakers like completely air’ed out Volkswagens and stanced BMW’s, to things we aren’t used to seeing like a domestic with hydros, a wrangler on chrome 24’s and a turbo’ed GSXR; we saw it all.

The day couldn’t have turned out any better. The sun pushed away all the clouds, which lead to clear skies and beautiful weather. The scene screamed New York. From every angle; the people, the cars, the music, the food, and the clubs who helped sponsor it all with their booths, helped the event reach its potential.

Tach Motor Sports doing their thing!

Trendsettaz Mother’s Day Car Show And Dyno Event OFFICIAL coverage by: PRAVAN Photography

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Toy Drive presented by Trendsettaz Auto Club and SNTRL
Toy Drive presented by Trendsettaz Auto Club and SNTRL

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