Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 Part 1

Monday 20 January, 2014 | By Edo


Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 seems to have been no doubt one of the best in recent years. I couldn’t make it out there myself this year but I was there in spirit watching all of the coverage from instagram and facebook. This is truly one of the most anticipated automotive events of the entire year for automotive enthusiasts. It’s always great to see what the famous JDM tuning companies and new ones are going to come up with. These ideas often define and inspire trends for the upcoming season in automotive culture worldwide. Not to mention, it’s a wild show, you’ll see anything from a 1,000HP Phoenix’s Power tuned R35 to a leopard skin wrapped lambo!  I’ve had the pleasure of visiting TAS a couple of times in the past. The times that I have gone, I went with my friends at Bulletproof Automotive. One of the original companies that have been bringing JDM parts to our shores for over a decade now. This year, they displayed their Scion FRS Concept One 500hp super car at the RAYS Engineering booth. Perfect setting for this car as it was built with partners like Amuse, Espirit, Runduce, Varis and more.

Since SNTRL couldn’t walk the halls of the Makuhari Messe ourselves this year, we’ve linked with Bulletproof Automotive to bring you photos of the great builds and new ideas that made it to the show this year. An interesting look as you’ll see captures from set up day as well as from the actual show days as well. Enjoy part 1 and stay tuned for more posts to come in the next couple of days!


Special delivery: Bulletproof Automotive Scion FRS Concept One!


Check out the variety on the show grounds. You really never know what you’ll run into at this show. One of the reasons why it’s so great.



Blitz’s entry into the FRS game. This was actually built for 2013 TAS and was driven by Nomuken in D1GP in 2013.


New VARIS EVO X area has arrived! Love the new look! Those RAYS ZE40’s are looking pretty damn good also!



^ What happens when HKS and Varis work together? Great things! Love this R35, one of my fav’s from the entire event. Not sure what the details are but man, this thing is full of win in my book.


Another awesome R35 setting up. OVERTAKE is a relatively new company but have hit the scene big! Full CF R35 Aero and sitting on the new TE37 Ultra in the RAYS booth. Thumbs up!


My absolute favorite tuner, RE-Amemiya, back with some new bits. Ama-san doesn’t do the wild TAS FD builds anymore, but it’s good to see he still has a presence at the show. FD’s are definitely timeless cars. Really hope Mazda brings back the rotary in a new Rx7, fingers crossed.



USDM has a place in TAS as well!




Top Fuel S2000. This car is beyond awesome. Check this video out to see it in action.


Greddy / TRUST getting back into the drift game with this D1GP build. Amazing to think they were bankrupt a few years ago and are now back in the competitive drift scene seemingly better than ever. Love the blue hues on the diffusers of the Rocketbunny kit.




Some EURO A$$. Above, Liberty Walk being wild as usual. Incredible how Kato’s ideas have exploded on the internet into worldwide fame.  Below, an incredibly badass 911. Check out that roof scoop on the rear window. Blackbird will be on the hunt!



Lots of different favorites at TAS this year for many. For me, it had to be Kato’s Kenmeri. Just love the clean + low + vintage look!


Close ups of the new offerings from RAYS. Wouldn’t mind rocking either of these!


Wouldn’t be TAS without at least one RWB in the building. Here’s Rotana setting up. I still scratch my head at the random logos Nakai puts on his cars haha.


Really digging the look of the Varis STi. It’s a bit wild but I accept that. I like this approach much better than the hatchback version.



Another shot of the Varis EVO. Now this look I’m love with. Seems the nismo-esque stripe on CF is becoming popular on the styling side of things.


Needs Moar Liberty Walk. Why not? These cars are so fun to look at. Just check out that insane lip rear wheel!


This Z33 is a happy camper. Not only does it have 2 lovely brides (Yes you can pronounce this as bride now since we’re not referring to seats, haha), it’s fitted with the new wide body aero from BenSopra. A great idea by the BenSopra folks to create a wide for this platform which is a lot more affordable and attainable than a R35 GTR.


Right next to the Z, the infamous TRA Kyoto Rocketbunny FRS V2. Love how this look makes the car look a bit older and a lot more aggressive. I personally prefer a clean FRS/BRZ over these wild widebody wild boys but I can appreciate the look of these builds.


Drift time! One of the fun parts about TAS are the drift demos that D1GP puts together. You can head right outside and hear Mana-P yelling at the top of his lungs just like in those Option DVD’s. Here’s team orange playing around a bit.


Orido’s V8 FRS. Love watching Orido drift. Though he hasn’t had the success as someone like Daigo, he always brings the heat. Here’s a great episode of extreme driving TV where we see Orido climb the bracket of a D1GP Ebisu event. He did very well, until he met Daigo in the finals that is. There’s always next year Orido!





Back inside, Rocky Auto’s CF Hakosuka looking like death. If there is a devil Z, this is the devil hakosuka.


^ Such a nice looking sedan. Wish Toyota would bring these out here and stop sticking us with Camrys…


Awesome DMAX S15.


Vossen has made it’s way to Japan. Very clean look on this Skyline.


MAZDA! Make a Rx7. Sedans are cool too but um, yea, sports cars please?



Panspeed Time Attack Rx8. Wish more people would build these with the focus on performance. Slammed cars are cool and all but seeing that look on Rx8’s all the time is a major yawn fest. This time attack look is much better in my opinion!


Wild VIP style! This scene has evolved so much over the years. Though I don’t own a VIP chariot, I do often pick up VIPCAR magazine from my local Kinokuniya. I just love the style of classic VIP. Lots of people seem to be going the space balls LED route these days. Even the Toyota Prius is not immune as seen below…



AIMGAIN came out heavy this year. Here’s their version of the FRS. This has an F-sport looking front end with a more angular look to the wide fenders. I’ve heard lots of good and bad reactions over this look. Personally, I think this looks pretty damn good. While it might be as attractive as a Varis kit, or as stylish as a Rocketbunny, this thankfully adds another option in the wide body scene. In black, this thing looks tough!


I think these Benz’s have been at TAS since the first time this body SL500 was introduced. Always draws a crowd but for the TAS regulars, I can see them saying “Again?! SMH…make something new already!”.


Cool set up by Cusco here.


Good to see JUN auto still in the game with their BRZ.


JETSTROKE, get to know them. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with them and their fam at their shop. At the time though, which was just a few years back, they were big in the Kei car game. Now this, a custom Pagani Zonda?! They’ve changed it up quite a bit! What do you think of these customizations?


One last shot of the Scion FRS Concept One being admired to wrap up part 1 of our Bulletproof Automotive X SNTRL coverage. Big thanks to Avi and Ben for the photos!
Be sure to check out at Bulletproof Automotive on facebook and at GT-RR for your JDM needs!

Words by Edo | Photos by Derek, Jonny, and Avi from Bulletproof

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