Sunday 28 April, 2013 | By Pravan

Resiliency is something we all have in common but how we define that term changes from situation from situation. For some, its bouncing back from an illness while for others its being able to adapt to a pothole or speed bump on the road. A few Sundays ago, that definition came full circle when some of the dopest low rides from the Northeast came to support Cory Burgess.

All these efforts were for a young man named Cory Burgess who will be undergoing a double lung transplant due to Cystic Fibrosis. For those who do not know what that it, its a life threatening genetic disorder where there is a build up of mucus due to an inefficiency of the Sodium/Chlorine channels in the cell’s membrane (remember HS Bio?). Ultimately for some, a lung transplant is necessary due to both infection and difficulty breathing. What started as a fundraiser campaign through Instagram by Chadwick Kreiling to support his close friend now has ended in a huge success. All donations have and will be used for costs that the insurance company would not be willing to pay.

It was a hard decision to forgo Honda Day in favor of #SHRINKALLTHECARS but supporting those battling an illness has been something that I’ve been taught to do from childhood. When Jess Kang from Canibeat asked me to help get the cars through some rough roads from Queens to New Jersey, I gladly obliged. I knew Jess was organizing and planning this meet and with experience from SNTRL’s PreGame and help from members of the #Überfreshsquad we made our way while Cedric Melboure aka Ruthless Fotos went ahead to catch us rolling through Manhattan.

With over 1,000 confirmed guests for the event it turned out to be a huge meet at FDR park in Philadelphia. Sadly it was prematurely closed. No permit would have covered the amount of supporters that came to the meet. At the end of the day we all bounced back and made the most of our cruse down to Philly which consisted of Cheesesteaks and more cars at various location in downtown Philly. Although we spend some time waiting to leave the 1 mile circle around the park. I couldn’t help myself and took some images of some of the cars that were rolling though that day.

Scroll below to check out coverage from throughout the day. Starting with our cruise in New York, through Manhattan, into New Jersey, straight to Philadelphia at FDR Park, all while grabbing some Philly cheesesteaks and hitting up other local spots in the area. Enjoy!

Photography by: P R A V A N Photography  |  Ruthless Fotos


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