Nathan’s Meet – Joe Omboni Tribute

Saturday 16 June, 2012 | By Ken

It’s times like these where you take a step back to take a look at the past, appreciate the present and be thankful for what the future may hold. On Wednesday, June 13, Nathan’s on Central Avenue, in Yonkers, New York was packed with friends and family of Joe Omboni as well as fellow bike and car enthusiasts. We were there to pay tribute to someone that lived a life that most of us can relate to. Living our passion for what we love.

Therefore it was fitting, that George from Bimmer’s and Coffee put together a tribute Meet at Nathan’s, an old school car and bike hang-out in honor of Joe. Nathan’s for decades, had been known for its Thursday night’s where hundreds of people would gather weekly. I personally grew up as a child, riding my bicycle down to Nathan’s just to experience the cars, the bikes, the atmosphere. It was from there, that it would influence my life and my passion as an enthusiast. But my story isn’t a unique one. Hundreds of people experienced the life right there on Central Avenue, and Joe was one of them.

These days, Nathan’s and it’s Thursday nights are just good memories. And for just one night, the parking lot was once again packed, the atmosphere was vibrant, the enthusiasm strong and the camaraderie evident all around. George aka The Drop Top King as he is known on the streets, did an incredible job of organizing, and enforcing the rules to keep things in order. Thanks to the Yonkers Police Department for being gracious enough to allow the meet go on, and much props to everyone that made the night special. Without further ado, here are the photos:

Photo Cred:  P R A V A N Photography | Kenny Bascon

This super-clean old-school 6 series looked right at home on Central Avenue while on the way to Nathan’s.

This is the reason they call him the “Drop Top King”!

SNTRL and the Yonker’s Drift King enjoying the night.

George taking care of business and ensuring a smoothly run meet.

Our boy Jay’s drop-top E30, looking good as always!

Moses from Fueled Mag putting in that work!

Kevin and his DNK Auto EK hatch looking beautiful as always! You can check out the past Feature on Kevin’s ride right here on SNTRL.

We can never get enough of Travis’ Vossen’d 370Z.

This Porsche was breaking necks all night.

Among some of the awesome rides that showed up, this official O.G. Army Jeep.

The original gangsta’s kept the nostalgic theme of Nathan’s going. Going through some of these photos would have you thinking the coverage was from the days of past.

This particular Corvair was a real eye-opener. Ls1 you say? And what’s that sticking out of the trunk?

A good mix of crotch rockets, Harley cruisers, Euro, JDM, old school and new school muscle. This Benz, R32 and GTi were also crowd-pleasers.

For just one night, Nathan’s was once again live.


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