Low Ballers X Lowered Congress NYC Meet

Tuesday 22 May, 2012 | By Evan Kaston

Kobe and Shaq, Lebron and Wade, Exxon and Mobil, Facebook and the people, Ewing and New York City; any time two greats team up and join together as one, nothing less of an epic conclusion is produced. About two Friday’s ago, I was able to witness and be a part of history in the car world when Neek Lurk and the Lowballers collided with Tesh Monkey and Lowered Congress for an incredible, invite only, car meet in an exclusive location down in BK.

Lowered Congress is a group that was founded recently by a man named Tesh Monkey. He created the club to find what greatness the NYC streets have to offer and in turn promote it to the people. Tesh thrives on locating the best of the best right here in the boroughs and representing them to the fullest. He says that, Lowered Congress is kind of like the US Congress, instead of trying to live low, the people of Congress do live low, just like the US Congress lives and breathes the nation’s government. The people that symbolize what Lowered Congress is must be accepted by the people, just like we elect our government officials. Tesh also states that the Congressional system in this country has been around for a long time and have been providing order since the late 1700’s, he’s focused on providing a congressional system on being low in New York City; go low, or go home.

A similar organization that originated from the other side of the country, Neek Lurk and the Lowballers, promote the same morals and attitude in Vegas that Tesh portrays to the people here in NYC. Lurk visited the city the other week in order to further his new clothing line called, Lurkin. Aside from that, recently he and some of the Lowballers have been skimming through the country to see what else the people have to offer and how hard other major cities are going with their whips. This is why when Tesh got word that Lurk was going to be in the big apple, he knew they had to link up at some point. Just like Jay-Z and Kanye West in the Watch the Throne album, something explosive would come out of the two working together.

Tesh told me that in order to show his friend a good time, and out of respect for him and what he has built back in his home town, he decided to throw a meet with him. This called for only the hardest and the lowest rides of NYC to crawl out into the beautiful Friday night to a secret location in BK for one of the dopest underground meets I’ve ever been to.

Low is a lifestyle and that’s exactly the message that was heard and seen through the eyes of spectators, enthusiasts, and the lenses of some of the dirtiest camera men the city had to offer, including SNTRL’s own Pravan. Only a handful of cars showed up, but only a handful was invited. Fitment was key, low was a must, and style came natural. This meet was meant to seed out only the best rides and put them up on a pedestal. The location was under the BQE, a place with such New York flavor that it might have left Lurk with a lasting impression. From the cars and the makeshift skate ramps to graffiti on the highway pillars to the actual hustle and bustle of the city streets, even at midnight, this was New York coming out to say, we don’t mess around.

Greatness can only be defined by the people; if the people don’t see something as spectacular, then it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s not good enough. The fact that these two forces, from completely different societies came together as one, goes to show that no matter where you are from or what kind of taste satisfies you, as long as you like cars, there is a commonality between us all. Greatness happened under the expressway that night and it’s only the beginning; the car life is only starting to thrive this season, especially since summer hasn’t even hit yet. New York, we see you. Keep doing your thing, and remember to obey by the laws of Congress.

Photo Cred: Pravan Kmala aka P R A V A N Photography

Video Cred: Neek Lurk of LowBallers

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