Import Fashion, C.A.M.E. and PHENOMenal Vinyl Meet at High End Imports

Thursday 21 June, 2012 | By SNTRL

On Sunday, June 17, 2012, a collaboration that has long been anticipated finally went down with Import Fashion, C.A.M.E., PHENONemal Vinyl and High End Performance coming together to bring you their Spring 2012 Meet. High End Performance, a tuning shop based out of the Camarillo, California, and whom recently branched out here to the East with their Farmingdale location, was the gracious host for the meet. A shop known for catering to Japanese, European and Domestic rides, the turnout was a reflection of that, which awesome representation of rides from brands all over the world.

Import Fashion, known for its street fashion that caters to the auto enthusiast, as well as the coverage of various events and the industry itself was the second host. A well-known name with it’s online presence, you knew that you were getting more than just an average car meet. Working together with Celebrity and Model Expo (C.A.M.E.), this spring meet had models not just looking good next to everyone’s rides, but performing and interacting directly with the enthusiasts and the spectators. And last but not least, PHENOMenal Vinyl was yet another awesome host. Known in the area for their detailed vinyl vehicle wraps on many various cars, they had on display, some of their awesome examples such as PHENONemal Vinyl owner, Matthew’s Nissan Altima coupe as well as Brett’s Nissan 350Z.

All-in-all, this was an awesome meet that didn’t feature a show competition, but rather was an awesome day for enthusiast and fans alike to come together and enjoy each other’s rides and company. SNTRL’s Tyrone Roberts aka STREETS was there to capture the meet through his photography. Enjoy the coverage, and be sure to check out the full gallery below. Props to everyone involved for a successful meet that brought some heavy hitters from the area and abroad together on a beautiful Spring, Sunday afternoon.

Photos: Tyrone Roberts aka STREETS 

Words: Kenny Bascon




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