Garden State Euros Meet

Thursday 29 March, 2012 | By SNTRL

This wasn’t your average New Jersey Euro meet. Despite the cloudy, cool weather, 325+ cars showed up to start off the season right this year. Thanks to the efforts of the Garden State Euros and participating vendors this meet was possible. Though most of the attendees were your local, mildly modded cars, there were plenty of high-boost, slammed and properly stanced rides to check out. Nothings better than seeing Euro’s and other cars, scraping, rubbing, and dodging pot holes on the way into an event, especially with the unforgiving roadways of New Jersey.

Most of my time was spent talking amongst the locals and meeting new people, but I was able to sneak some shots in before the sun went down. Enjoy, and we look forward to an exciting 2012 season!

— Herb Allen

We ran into an old friend! Rick and his STI “Porn Star” that we Featured last year. Stay tuned for “Porn Star Revisted”. 

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