Dubs On Defrost 5

Friday 13 April, 2012 | By Evan Kaston

Evolution is the way of life; without it there would be no excitement, everything would just stay the same. Watching a car evolve throughout a show season is one of the reasons why we as car enthusiasts do what we do. This past Saturday, April 7th, marked the opening of the show season for the Volkswagen/Audi community with the first show of many, Dubs on Defrost. This is the fifth year for the annual G2G and it has progressed with more and more popularity year after year. This year by far had the biggest turn out with the most amounts of cars and more outcasts than ever before.

There was a wide variety of cars that showed up which could be placed into a couple of different categories. There were the cars that came to the show on their winter set up who came just to enjoy the show and meet up with some old friends. There were the cars that came on a set up they quickly acquired just before the show so they didn’t have to ride in on their winter rollers. You had the guys who just threw on their old summer set up from last year for the show, and you had the go hards that came to the show fully decked out in a set up that they’ve been working on all winter.

Regardless of what you showed up in, your beater, your buddies car, your show car, or your daily (which is also your show car), or how it looked, the show was organized to give people a feel of what to expect in the upcoming show season and serve as a good time. Throughout these beautiful upcoming summer months, we will watch these cars evolve and transform into the unique creation that the owner can call his own. Whether it maybe a new suspension set up, or the many different wheels an enthusiast might go through, or even several motor or body upgrades, one thing is for sure, the cars you see here at this show will not be the same by the end of the season.

The best part of the show aside from the laid back, feel good vibe it gave off was that there were so many incredible cars, and this is only the beginning. So far the 2012 show season is looking like it’s going to be a banger. The upcoming months call for hot weather and even hotter events. Keep it locked to SNTRL for the best coverage.

Photo Credit: Herb Allen aka The Fourth Photography || Steve Florio aka Florio Photography

Check out the photo coverage and the full gallery below.


Respect Your elders.

Blue Steeze

Ripe Banana

Murdered CCW’s ftw.

Always down for a cold one.

Rollin hard on the Ruckus….

…meanwhile, Mr. Ducati was all business.

Short, simple, and to the point.

Get Low.

They see me rollin…..

…they hating.

(no caption needed)

Goes hard in the….primer.

Even the “outcast” came out to see what’s really good.

S2k’s looking Fine.


Another “outcast” that brought a unique style to Dubs on Defrost. This Odyssey is definitely not your typical soccer-mom-mobile.

The Bug Van.

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