Certified 2014

Wednesday 26 February, 2014 | By SNTRL

When your scenic view is as beautiful as this, it’s pretty easy to smile and take a quick break from life’s peaks and valleys. Combine the beautiful harbor of the New Quay Promenade and Harbour Town Pizzeria at the Melbourne Docklands with a range of some of Australia’s best tuner rides, and the result is what you see before you.

Organized and put together by Melbourne’s 100MM, Certified 2014 is a festival of beautiful rides, delicious food and great music. Food vendors such as Ghost Kitchen, Zero Lam’s Japanese Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki and Gyoza, the Meatball Company, Hoy Pinoy, The Juice Pig (juice and burgers) Bibim-On (Korean) and Spanish food, provided awesome diversity for hungry show goers. Musicians such as Mercians, Jude Perl, Hey Frankie along with DJ’s such as DJ Slender, DJ Vinnie, DJ Young and DJ Sierra Sky treated the ears for spectators all afternoon.  Sounds like our kind of festival!

The threat of rain couldn’t dampen the mood, with thousands coming out to the Docklands to enjoy the day. Shout-out to the Nakama Crew for taking home best crew honors. The overall quality of rides and bikes was incredible. Enjoy the photo coverage. Photography for SNTRL by: Vinh Mangalino


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