Automass Round 2

Sunday 30 September, 2012 | By Clive

This is the second installment of Automass, a show that was created by local shops. This is not your normal show. What sets Automass apart from other events is that live drifting is a big part of the festivities where local talent and a few out of state people can come and enjoy a good slide! Some came from as far as South Dakota to show-off their drift skills. The first installment was a bit smaller but word got around fast, and it showed, this time with a much larger crowd. The show had over 150 cars, and all 4 run groups for drifting were full of drivers from beginner to advanced. The show gave a good cross-section of cars from an aired out EVO 10 to a RB26 Swapped Sil-Eighty. So let’s just say if you can’t really find something fun to look at in this event then you must be lame.

All-in-all Automass is a great event to showcase what Chicago has to offer. A safe place for many to drift without the worry of law-enforcement nor curbs. Add to that, a great backdrop to show off your ride and this is the place to be. If you’re ever in town and Automass is going on that weekend be sure to stop by and check it out.

A Clean HachiRoku(86) In for the Show.

One of the masterminds behind Automass: David Lee. He is also the driver of the Rocket Bunny S13 .

Geoff’s aired out Evo 10

Cassidy Vu wiping down her classy DC5.

Aj Gillet, and Richard Fisher from Risky Devil Getting their Slide on.

David Lee showing off his drift Skill in the Touge Factory, Tra Kyoto Wide body S13 Coupe.


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