A Look Back: Honda Day Etown

Saturday 31 August, 2013 | By SNTRL

When Honda Day Englishtown rolls around each August, the impact of Honda Day can be felt, literally for miles and miles, and the viral explosion that results from social media gon’ wild reaches all across the globe. You already know 2013 would be no different on August 10 and 11. Thousands of Honda fans from all across the East Coast and abroad left days in advance, and made sure to arrive well before sunrise, because if you would have attended previous Honda Day events or seen past coverage, you would know that if you happen to arrive once the sun comes up, you better plan on having patience and enough gas to idle for an hour or two before getting through the gates of Englishtown Raceway Park.

This year, the VIP show area was packed with some of the freshest Honda/Acura badged rides on the street, and the competition in the 1/4 mile was incredible to say the least. From the K-Tuned All Motor Shootout that had the fans on their feet, with Robert Mapps running a 9.95 @ 136 in “Diet Pepsi”, to Eat Sleep Race SFWD’s #1 qualifier  La Carla Racing’s incredible pass of 8.80 @174mph, and a whole group of SFWD Honda’s all within a second. Not to mention,  intense competition in  Xenocron’s 11.50 index, Competition Clutch’s 10.50 index,  and Brian Crower/Supertech’s pro-stock class, the Honda die-hard race fans packed the stands to capacity, and watched as their race heroes did work right through eliminations to the finals.

What made Honda Day Englishtown that much more special this time around, was, for the first time, having Spoon Sports ,straight out of Japan, be a huge part of the event.With the legend himself, CEO and founder of Spoon Sports, Ichishima Tatsura in attendance and signing autographs, as well as having one of the best and most famous drifters in the world, Daijiro Yoshihara aka “Dai” present and interacting with the fans, it was  truly a day that would go down in the history books. For the first time, a road course was integrated into Honda Day, thanks for the diverse motorsports offerings of Englistown Raceway Park.

Mr. Spoon Sports himself, Ichishima Tatsura autographing our friend, Shyam Spoon’s DC2 Type R.

Another one in the books. Honda Day Englistown 2013 weekend just goes to show that the Honda Day team continues to push the envelope and give back to the fans and supporters. Between the Honda Day giveaway car which was a beautiful USDM Acura RSX modified with JDM parts to the special guest appearance, to the intense racing and awesome show cars, just when you think you’ve seen it all, they find a way to make things even more awesome and memorable. Until the next Honda Day, enjoy a look back at Honda Day Englishtown 2013.

Photography by: Kenny Bascon

As you can see from the photo above, even before gates had officially opened, the masses was ready for yet another day of Honda Day fun.

All quiet at the Honda Day booth before the gates would be flooded with fans.

Go-Tuning / Spoon Sports booth!

Spoon Sports brought their E-AT Civic aka “Wonder Civic” to Honda Day for some exhibition runs.

24k rocking those black and gold TE37’s and Bullit looking pretty as always.

Once the gates opened, it was like flood waters letting loose.

Team work with Tim Grey Racing and Eat Sleep Race.

Team Emotion ALWAYS brings the heat. OG’s in the car show game, these guys are inspirational.

Original Mini Cooper at Honda Day? It’s all about the HEART.

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