Taking it back to Zerega

Tuesday 12 July, 2011 | By Ken


For any of the old-schoolers in the NYC area, Zerega avenue in the Bronx was one of the most well known spots to hit up on any given night for the street runs. Not too long after street racing hype got out of hand thanks to the big screen, the days and nights were numbered for Zerega, until one day, this legendary stretch of pavement was unofficially shut down.


Thanks to seven30 for organizing the Zerega Meet. This event brought back some good memories for the old school guys, and gave the younger guys a chance get a feel of the historical significance of what once was.


Zerega Meet went down smooth with multiple crews and shops coming out to show love for the streets. A chill night with respect for the meet and the street, you didn’t see smoke shows or hear WOT ear-splitting-exhaust notes ’til we were well off Zerega. Right after the local friendly law enforcement decided it was time to pack up.


Looking at scenes like these bring back memories. It reminds me of when the nights were just beginning, and people were just getting comfortable to stay out till dawn.



It just wouldn’t be the same without the blue and red’s. On this night though, no one caused any trouble. It was a night of respect, both for the law as well as the sacred ground.


Shoutout to Runblox!



After getting the signal to move out, we rolled to a local parking lot to continue ‘meet mode’. The marks on the ground signaled we were at the right place.




Special guest to the seven30 Zerega Meet: Mister Softee!


And to end the night: strobes and smoke at a private, undisclosed location. Props to seven30 and everyone that came out to chill.
Looking forward to the next one!


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