Swamp Meet – Orlando, Florida

Saturday 16 March, 2013 | By SNTRL

The “Swamp Meet” as it was called, went down last weekend and brought out some of  Orlando’s cleanest rides. For those familiar with the area, it was held at Orlando House of Pizza, right down the street from Gatorland. On the scene was photographer, Harold Mota and some of the crew from Vraceworks, NYC, in town for a few days of fun in the sun. The Swamp Meet put on a show for their New York guests and displayed how the south gets down with car life. Check out some of the prime examples that were on the scene, including the purple DC2 Integra owned by Gabriel, the owner of Orland House of Pizza, as well as one very clean, legitimate DB8 Integra Type R.

Andrew French’s red Em1 looked just perfect.

Nissan VIP life in the Sunshine State.

Efren’s DB8 is a beauty. Be sure to check out Harold Mota’s mini-shoot of this 4-door Integra Type on the streets of Orlando, down below.

There are some cars that just don’t need much in order to make my heart skip-a-beat. A DB8 Integra Type R is one of those vehicles.


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the official “stamp of authenticity”. She’s as real as they come.

No need to be slammed, boosted, stance’d, nitrous’d, or anything along those lines. The mere presence of this 4-door, in all it’s glory, is enough to command it’s own respect.


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