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I hated road trips. More than anything else, I dreaded being in a car for more than an hour. Even driving to AC was a nightmare. Not sure why that came to be but it’s always been like that…until summer 2014. I decided to say, you know what? F it, road trips gotta be fun, so let me stop being a wuss and gtfo of NYC via the road. I’m so glad I did. First was Chicago, which you may have already seen from our posts from earlier this summer. That was awesome. Now, fresh off the 12+ hour drive back home, it was time for another. Next stop, Toronto! This time, it would be myself and our newest 2014 addition to the sntrl fam, Tim Durnak. You may recognize Tim’s car from being on the Superstreet cover from 2013’s THE PREGAME as well as on the USDMFREAX‘s SNTRL issue. We heard a couple of friends of ours were heading to a show called IMPORTFEST in Toronto and thought, lets go! It’s only about a 7 hour drive, which is nothing compared to the Chicago drive. So we made all of the preparations, and set our destination to north of the border. OK, so I found out Tim is a bit crazy. Not only did he just slap on his new wheel set up, his brakes were not functioning properly on day 1 of our adventure. E-brake and downshift all the way up? Sure! That’ll be fine right? I mean, what could go wrong? Well, nothing actually. Although we were both honestly a bit worried, the drive up was smooth and actually quite nice. I never realized how beautiful northern NY actually is. Smooth roads plus incredible weather made for an awesome drive. Naturally, we took a few photos along the way…








Beautiful farms and a bunch of awesome windmills. I don’t get out of NYC much so seeing these windmills made me get a bit hyped. On the way up, we spotted a few places that would be dope for a photo shoot. Eventually we came across this awesome creepy looking barn and decided to pull over and snap some photos. Definitely love the contrast of Tim’s WRX in this environment.













After a while, we thought we should probably stop wasting time and get to Toronto already. Plus I kept imagining some “hills have eyes” looking dudes coming out of the barn to chop us up. A few more shots we were on the road again, next stop Canada! (Although we did stop in Buffalo for the Anchor bar, the birth place of Buffalo Wings! Place is damn good. You better go right now. No pics because we were hangry and about to kill each other if we didn’t eat.)


We would eventually make it across the border into Canada, where I totally forgot that I wouldn’t have network access. We were officially off the grid.

The rest of that evening is all boring stuff like getting turnt up. Partying with import models in underground Toronto bars, arguing with locals about the ridiculous Canadian “last call” hour. Stuff like that, la la la….

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we dive right in to IMPORTFEST!

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