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Show time!  Sunday morning, we were up bright and early for offset kings. I believe roll-in was at the crack of dawn just like every other car show on earth. Mother nature was in good spirits this time around and blessed Chicago with some much needed beautiful weather. Once we arrived, we noticed the organization was a bit different than what we’re used to. We were to meet the registration tent at a parking lot up the street, handle all of the paper work, then head on over to the show at a different lot. Brilliant idea if you ask me. This eliminates the long lines and gives folks a chance to prep their cars a bit before rolling in. For us, while prepping some of the cars in our crew, it was also our opportunity to get a few glimpses of the entries we were going to see at the show. Sneak peek! Lets check out some of the cars we saw during AM prep


What a line up! Love all of these but I have a soft spot for that RPS13!




Loving the BN Sports aero!



Unlikely pair here. RocketBunny V2 FRS aired up but still looking pretty great. And…, hold up, WTF? Is that a Stagea???



Damn right it’s a Stagea, with the R34 conversion no less. Seriously?! Sick! I knew were going to see some amazing cars but this thing is a needle in a haystack in the USA. Nice one Chicago, nice one…


LOS Garage homies rolling through.



Clean Honda fit. Dope headlights too!



Clean S14!




Loved this Benz! I wouldn’t mind rocking one of these as a daily or weekend warrior. I’ll admit I don’t know much about these cars but that’s why I have a Pravan aka human car wikipedia. He walked me through it later in the day. So much style!



Dope xB rocking a VIP style body kit and those sexy eurolines. Could be a fabulous kit? Not sure but Beauiful W-blood kit! Thought it was sweet that he had the door cards and all. Nice build!



Liking that Bad Quality shirt…


Hair matches car, car matches hair.



Nawshin and crew prepping. This was the debut of his car for 2014. Love all of the new bits including the full Voltex widebody aero, fully customized interior and TE’s among other things. Pretty bad ass to do all this work then drive 12+ hours to Chicago only a week or 2 after it was all done. Much respect! Follow him on instgram for more pics @gotgr1p





That is a familiar 86


Looks like we weren’t the only ones to make the drive out from the east coast! I’ve seen this EVO X around quite a bit. One of my favs!


Skyline <3



Darren and crew getting ready to unload the S14.


No matter where you find this guy he’s always laughing and smiling. Good times are a priority! Shout out to Sam in the background too, always chillin’. He actually scored a pair of S14 mirrors randomly from his local friends that own a subie shop. Amazing how things work out. Thanks for everything Sam!



Szabo! Good to see you! Mike Szabo owns an incredible GC8 you may have around the net or Chicago.


Ok so I didn’t mean to drive into this show holding our Nobori like this, it was accidental! LOL! We had put the flag together earlier for a photo and Prav handed it to me. All of a sudden it was our turn to roll in and I was still holding it up! Kinda corny but I let it rock for some laughs. SNTRL is here! it actually looks pretty cool with Kenny Chan’s car in the opening photo. We’re just being silly as usual 😀


Up next: OFFSET KINGS coverage!


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