RWB CATALINA X Christine’s S30Z

Tuesday 19 August, 2014 | By Edo


“You’re going to see a RWB” This is what I heard quite a few times when I told people about our plans visit Chicago. As luck would have it, some of the crew at Mayday Garage made the drive up from Texas with this sexy machine. Nice. This is actually the first time I saw this version of the RWB kit in person. Memories of seeing Nakai’s own Stella Artois when I visited Japan a few years ago started to rush through my mind. The paint looked amazing in the sun! The overall build was just beautiful. Definitely a crowd favorite. I even caught myself going back to it all day trying to get the perfect iPhone shot. Check out Prav’s awesome photo set of this beauty…and another below…










Suddenly, a challenger appears! Time for some muthaf%#king WANGAN MIDNIGHT! HAHA, ok I need to calm it! How could someone not make this reference when seeing Christine’s immaculate Fairlady Z. I’m in love. In all seriousness, this was my favorite car of the entire Chicago visit. Christine is a badass for building this!








As the season continues here in the East Coast, the memories and experiences from our trips earlier this year are still fresh. Love putting these together and thinking back on the good times. Couple more to go!

SNTRL in Chicago. This is how we live.

Words by Edo
Photos by Pravan Photography

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