Retro Car Kings

Thursday 21 February, 2013 | By Edo

43 minutes of retro car awesome. That’s the best way to describe this Discovery Channel mini documentary on some of the best retro car restorers / modifiers in Japan. Some familiar faces like RWB and Rocky Auto along with specialists that I’ve never heard of like Oficina Ishikawa. Another personal favorite vid for the stash! Check it out, I’m almost certain you wont be disappointed and if you are, you need to reevaluate your life man! (Though someone needs to fine the narrator for saying “pimped out” so many times, ugh.)

Update! The video seems to have been pulled which sucks. Not sure why they would pull this epic vid. I’m guessing someone got mad because no one gets paid when the world see’s coolness for free. Shame. Hopefully we’ll see it re-uploaded soon, until then, I swapped the full vid for the trailer.

Update Update! Found this on youtube! ENJOY!!!!!

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