Paul Walker: An Inspiration

Wednesday 04 December, 2013 | By Ken


Paul Walker – 1973 – 2013

Who knew just over twelve years ago, that this guy right here would touch the lives of so many, all across the world. On June 18, 2001, car enthusiast and movie-fans alike flocked to the theaters to see a film about cars and street racing. At the time, most people left the theaters with jokes about the corny one-liners that we would come to truly love, as well as a bit of “hyper-excitement” that would result in some recklessness thereafter. Sure, we can look at the positives and the negatives after watching the original Fast and Furious. For some die-hard enthusiasts, Fast and Furious gave us a bad rep on the streets and it brought unwanted attention that we likely wouldn’t have received prior to the movie coming out. But looking back over the many years that we have enjoyed the Fast and Furious movie series, it has served as an inspiration for millions of people, young and old. It has opened the doors to people who would have most likely never had a chance to enjoy and appreciate being an enthusiast. And right at the center of it all is Paul Walker, driving the cars that millions of people fantasize about each and every day. We don’t take away from anyone else in the cast, because each and every person in the Fast and Furious movie series has become someone that most of us can relate to in one way or another, it’s as though they become a part of our life.

There is no doubt that the Fast and Furious movies have contributed greatly to the growth and passion of car culture in recent times.What makes Paul Walker’s passing especially emotional for most of us, is that as we take a closer look into is life, we find that he too was passionate about the life we live, the life we love. A genuine guy that inspired the world. It’s true what they say….You truly don’t appreciate people until they are gone. We read the positive things Paul Walker has done in his life online all over the place now, and it causes millions of people to feel even more heartbroken. But what we must take from his passing, a reminder to do our best to appreciate all the people that we have in our lives, those we know personally, and those that we don’t, but that inspire us to feel a certain way or strive to reach goals.

As my friend, Nickel from Liberty VIP said,

“More than an enthusiast, (Paul Walker) reminds me of what I want to contribute to the world one day while being a humble human being. And that right there you have to respect.”

This awesome drawing was done by the man over at “ImportGram” (@importgram on Instagram), ANT EVO. In just around three hours, he put his heart and soul into this drawing because as he stated himself,

“..I feel like I lost a brother, and I don’t even know him. He was an inspiration to all of us.”

ANT EVO’s “Paul Walker” tribute drawing will be making it’s way from New York to Roger Rodas’ (R.I.P.) shop, Always Evolving in California early next week to be a part of the Memorial. But before it leaves the East Coast, Ant will be hosting a meet with his ImportGram team on Sunday, December 8 at 8:30pm to have people sign a poster-size of this drawing. The location is 695 Merrick Avenue, Westbury, New York 11590. For more information on the meet, or if you are interested in getting your own printed copy of the drawing (Ant Evo is collecting donations that will go to Reach Out World Wide, Paul Walker’s charity foundation), you can contact him via Facebook by clicking HERE.

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