Let Freedom Ring – Lamborghini Diablo SVR

Thursday 04 July, 2013 | By SNTRL

Hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful 4th of July. Today we spotted this amazing video by eGarage. Little did we know, SNTRL Fam Sean Troy has a bit of history with this beautiful machine. Here’s a great story from one of our very own members:

Happy 4th everyone! Thought this was cool, when my dad use to race professionally before retiring in ’09, he had this Lamborghini SVR for a few years. These are the Lamborghini factory built race cars, he had it shipped from Europe and made mods to it to make it street legal such as 6.0 diablo headlights and stuff. We even had it painted star spangled banner and had it in local parades for a few years. Now that’s its gone, it ended up at cats exotics in Washington State, and my good friend Richard Thompson worked with eGarage to make this video of our old car. This is the coolest thing for me, thought I should share with you guys. Enjoy!

Words by SNTRL Fam Sean Troy

Happy 4th of July from SNTRL!

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