Island Import Day 2011

Saturday 17 March, 2012 | By SNTRL

During the 2011 Meet Season, Island Import Day brought some of the best Imports in the NY metro and surrounding areas together to Heckscher State Park in East Islip, New York. This season, the founders of Island Import Day, Andy Garcia, Jose Garcia. Peter Miguel, Jimmy Rodriguez and Info look to continue the growth and success of each meet. The goal is to unite the community and bring out the best from the east coast. Expect sick rides, great scenery and cool peeps.

Check out coverage from the 2011 end-of-season Island Import Day here, and be sure to scroll to the bottom for the full gallery. See you there!

It’s a packed house full of quality and class.

Clean rides and bright smiles are a must. You can bet media coverage will be out in full force. Amongst those covering will of course be SNTRL. Be on the lookout for the SNTRL Fam rocking the SNTRL shirts.

Not just a bunch of show cars here.

Families travel in pacts.
Suby Clan.

Lex Clan.

Zoom-Zoom clan.

Pocket Rockets Fam.

Be safe out there folks!

Photo Credit: Kenny Bascon

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