Island Import Day March 2012 – Pictorial Coverage

Monday 26 March, 2012 | By Ken

Island Import Day March 2012 as you may have read HERE in our coverage post, turned out to be eventful andhistoric, making waves on the streets of Long Island as well as on the airwaves thanks to all the News/media coverage. Along with the Cruise, the Meet and all the awesome rides, the sheer number of people, both enthusiast and fans alike was incredible. Standing in the Farmingdale parking lot, it was a sea of art and individuals as far as the eye could see.

Without further ado, the photo coverage. Be sure to also check out the full gallery below.

Although things didn’t go according to plan due to the extremely large turnout, the Island Import crew rolled-with-the-punches and kept things going. Even with a permit for their Meet at Heckscher State Park, they were forced to leave the park, taking hundreds upon hundreds of people to the Dave and Buster’s parking lot in Farmingdale.

The day started off with small meet-ups throughout the area including this particular street in Queens, New York where many had gathered together to cruise in unison, in memory of Bishnu Dinanauth, a fallen brother, who like many of us, lived his passion. His birthday was this past Saturday, March 17.

The RHD R35 GTR family was an awesome sight.

Don’t let the name fool you. Island Import Day is about more than just Imports. Old and New School muscle could be seen all around the area, and it was nothing but love.

TMinus NYC rockin’ his single-swing arm carbon-fiber bike.

S2k cruising for a parking space.

Super-Tuner, Junior and his Sticky Garage Ferarri 360 Modena was a big hit with the crowds and the photogs that invaded the parking spaces.

If you think we are exaggerating about all the photographers invading the lots, this picture speaks for itself. Hey blue EVO owner and his female passenger….smile! 🙂

A pretty face in the crowd.

Another pretty face. E36’s well-taken care of, never get old.

BAM! This S13 has us hypnotized.

RHD Sil rollin through. Looking good and For Sale folks.

Just chillin.

This Mark Four GTI has one bright smile! Looks like the EVO next to it is kinda shy. We don’t see any teeth.

Another VW that is enjoying the weather with friends.

Seth Rose, the man at Exotics Rally brought his Spyker C8 Laviolette, much to the delight of the masses who could not get enough of it.

If you don’t recognize those in this pic, we are sure you will recognize their names. From let to right, the man behind the lens, Pravan, Lowered Congress‘ Tesh Monkey, Kenny Chan, and of course the infamous Bagguar.

EVO done right. So blue, it gives the sky its color off of its reflection.


These ladies were breaking necks all day while riding around in this super clean old-school Z.

Audi Ass looking good from the back.

VDubs have a knack for bringing class. Case in point.

Another sexy blue model to stare at. This 3-Pitty has all the details covered.

Tired of walking around all day looking at car porn? No problem, this Jeep is ready and at your service.

Shout out to the Island Import Day crew for bringing together the masses.

Photo Cred:    Pravan Kmala   ||   Chris Mallari   ||   Edwin Reyes   ||   Tyrone Roberts aka Streetstyles   ||   Michael Carolei

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