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Thursday 23 May, 2013

Rocket Bunny FRS

The introduction of the “86” concept brought back strong feelings of nostalgia. Reminiscent of the original “Hachi-Roku”, the similarities are there, and the masses have long awaited a second-coming. Now, with the Scion FRS (and it’s twin sibling, the Subaru BRZ) roaming the streets, the enthusiast and tuners of the world wasted no time in…

Thursday 02 May, 2013

Rocket Bunny FRS Teaser

Check out Jersey’s first Rocket Bunny FRS rockin those ultra-concave Work Kiwamis! Darren Balico, the owner of this beauty snapped this teaser shot for us. Stay tuned for the full Feature.

Sunday 30 September, 2012

Automass Round 2

This is the second installment of Automass, a show that was created by local shops. This is not your normal show. What sets Automass apart from other events is that live drifting is a big part of the festivities where local talent and a few out of state people can come and enjoy a good…