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Thursday 29 September, 2011

123Klan X Ecko Ultd: The Exhibit

The crew the needs no introduction, 123Klan back at it. 123Klan X Ecko Ultd at the Under Pressure street culture event. Here we see Scien and Klor (and family) putting their incredible talent to work. Over 2 days, they put these pieces together. “Mr Boom” and “Klor” instantly transform another mundane delivery truck into a…

Friday 15 October, 2010

What Up Jay Graffiti Jam

I’ve been a huge fan of 123KLAN for years. I first found them while looking up the latest work by Cope2 a few years ago. They’ve been my fav artists ever since. They recently posted up this vid on the BANDIT-I$M blog. A new What up Jay? installment featuring the Bronx artists COPE2, INDIE, and WANE. Along…