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Saturday 22 November, 2014

SEMA 2014 Part 1

SEMA 2014 – Part 1 Photography by Edwin Reyes  |  Patrick Manzon Photography  |  Al Norris Photography  |  Kenny Bascon Photography Early November for many car enthusiast, is synonymous with excitement, a healthy dose of anxiousness and the ultimate form of intrigue. All eyes converge to one place. The Las Vegas Convention Center, home for…

Wednesday 05 November, 2014

GoPro: The Streets of Japan in 4K

Ok, I should be home packing for SEMA right now but this video just had to be shared. I can’t find any other word than EPIC. Japan is an amazing place. Need to get my ass back there for an extended period of time ASAP! You should too. SIDE NOTE: Amazing that this was shot…

Tuesday 19 August, 2014

RWB CATALINA X Christine’s S30Z

“You’re going to see a RWB” This is what I heard quite a few times when I told people about our plans visit Chicago. As luck would have it, some of the crew at Mayday Garage made the drive up from Texas with this sexy machine. Nice. This is actually the first time I saw…

Saturday 15 June, 2013

auto fashion imp SUPERCARNIVAL

Looks like this was a pretty dope show out in Osaka, Japan. Love the edit and song selection. Couple of jaw dropping cars in this like Ichiraku Toshiya’s RWB930 and a Gumpert Apollo. Japan, I’ll see you again soon!

Sunday 03 March, 2013

Another RWB video?!
Yep, Thailand Part 2

Earlier this week I had a friendly argument with a friend about Porsches and RWB. He said RWB is “played out.” Gasp! Now hold on a minute…there are a lot of things in the car game that are in the played out category and should never, ever, return to see the light of day. Lambo…

Thursday 21 February, 2013

Retro Car Kings

43 minutes of retro car awesome. That’s the best way to describe this Discovery Channel mini documentary on some of the best retro car restorers / modifiers in Japan. Some familiar faces like RWB and Rocky Auto along with specialists that I’ve never heard of like Oficina Ishikawa. Another personal favorite vid for the stash!…