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Tuesday 04 November, 2014


It’s SEMA week! If you’re like me, you’re probably unable to put your phone/tablet down due to the #SEMA hashtag. It’s that time of the year where all of the builds that shops across the country have lost sleep over finally make their debut. It’s amazing to see how many new builds have come together…

Tuesday 14 May, 2013

The Subie Gang

The Subie Gang. A team of street-terrorizing Subaru WRX STi’s. They are guilty of stolen hearts, wasteful time spent salivating over their photos, and for some of the more severe cases, brain-washing (inspiring lol) unfortunate souls into opening up their wallets and giving up money to parts vendors. These guys are wanted across the globe…

Saturday 30 April, 2011

Porn Star Status

Hailing out of Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, Rick and his STi have been prowling the streets and the local tracks with eyes and fans following them everywhere they go. The white-on-black scheme is a classic look that is executed very well on this STi, so well in fact that with all the attention she(The STi) gets,…