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Simplicity. For some people, it’s not about having the fastest or lowest ride on the street. While the masses go crazy for viral photos of some of these most slammed, stance’d rides, or get hyped up for some of the monster builds on youtube, others are content with the simpler things. Frank, the owner of this immaculate 1997 Civic Type R knows this all too well. A car fanatic since the age of 15, it was not uncommon for him to be around Hondas early on in his life. although it wasn’t for the obvious reasons. Growing up, his father was a Finance Manager for a Honda dealership, so he happened to be around Hondas regularly. His passion for car life didn’t start to take a hold of him until he went to his first car meet. From there, like many, many others, his life would change.

For Frank, love-at-first-site happened one day while surfing the web. With the love bug just waiting to sink it’s blood-sucking teeth in, Frank laid eyes on his first official JDM market Civic Type R, and from there on out, his dreams would be filled with images of Championship White beauty. Everyone has dreams, but very few get the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality. Luckily for Frank, after owning a 2004 WRX and a turbo B18 EG civic, his cousin, who happens to drive an R32 Skyline, stumbled upon a Civic Type R that was being shipped to our side of the pond. The buyer had flaked, and this opened the door for Frank to live his dream. The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s the simple things in life. Appreciate the beauty for what it is, rather than trying to make it something different. We have seen people take rare rides and modify them heavily to the point where it becomes something totally different. The outcomes have been both positive and negative, all depending on the direction of that particular build. But there is something to be said about retaining the overall essence of a vehicle as much as possible. In this case, Frank has done just that, and we love it.

Photography by: Al Norris Photography

This Civic Type R has the classic look, rocking Volk Racing CE28’s that never age. Spoon calipers are right at home sitting behind the Volks.

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. A fresh face, she’s like a beautiful girl without make-up.

Give Frank a choice between his Honda Civic Type R and a Lamborghini and guess which car he will choose…. He’s living his dream.

Recaro Love.


Volk CE28s 16×8.5  |  Kumho tires 205/40 r16 tires


Tein Flex coilovers with the EDFC  |  Function 7 control arms  |  Function 7 sway links  |  Skunk 2 front camber kit  |  Password JDM rear camber kit

Spoon radiator hoses  |  Spoon oil cap  |  Spoon radiator cap  |  Spoon reservoir bands  |  Spoon break calipers  |  Hawk HPS pads  |  Brembo rotor front and back  |  Good Ridge steel braided brake lines

Pioneer head unit  |  Rockford Fosgate power 6 1/2 in the door  |  Rockford Fosgate power 6×9 in the rear  |  Rockford Fosgate power 12 inch sub  |  Rockford power amp 1200 watts  |  Viper alarm smart start




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