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Tuesday 06 November, 2012 | By Clive

Scion, a name spoken very often in the tuning world. With the release of the all new FR-S and old staples like the xB it is undoubted that you have heard the name. Sadly one Scion is all but forgotten in this extreme pipeline of the hot new FR-S and the aftermarket support it receives. The Scoin tC, a car that offers a lot for a little. Its base price started just over 16k, and had loads of options.

Which brings us to this tC owned by Jason Fronda, Jason is a simple man that enjoys a good beer, and laughs with friends, Which is reflected in the tC, with a less is more approach. Jason got his tC as a gift for graduation, and has gifted the car a proper and trendy Slammed, Fitted and Kitted treatment.  The slammed part is done by the ever so popular Stance GR+ coil overs, which is the 5th different set of coils. Why 5 sets, because Jason would not settle for the incorrect drop. A bit of OCD don’t you think, plus it was a bit of learning curve as the tC is the first car Jason ever modified.


The body lines of the tC are accented with a Five Axis lip kit and a custom grill, Both are subtle but make such a wonderful difference in the look of the car. Jason went to the next level with the Work VS-XX. Jason took a crash course in rebuilding wheels; He ordered new lips and proceeded on the task of making the Works wider. After the first attempt he realized the size was not good enough and ordered another set, thus he achieved what he craved.

17×9 fronts, and 17×10 rears. In true fitment fashion he never measured the offset and just did what it took to make them fit. A fender rolling, some camber, and stretching a 215 on the front, and a 225 on the rear, and BAM the fitment is on point.

With tC being Jason’s only car it had to remain reliable, so performance mods were kept on the lighter side. Jason added a Injen cold air intake, ZPI mid-pipe, and a custom Magnaflow Cat-back to round out the tC’s growl, or purr since it’s a kitten in the power department hehe.

The interior continues on the simple theme, a TWM short throw, and TWM 4” shift extender. Upgraded LED lighting in the dash cluster, and the HVAC treatments. Upgrading what the drive has the most contact with is always a plus, in a true driver’s style.

Jason would like to thank his Mom and Dad who put up with him working on the car long nights and cluttering their garage with car parts, also all the friends who stuck with me and helped out with all the issues and working on the car many long nights.

Jason Shows with Project X, a local shop know for its magic work on Nissan Z chassis’ I hope to bring you some more from that shop, Stay locked in for more from the Midwest! NO COAST LOVE!


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