Low Lifes

Saturday 07 September, 2013 | By Ken

Low Lifes.

On the mean streets of New York, your typical “low-life” is a common site. People who make you want to slap Alpha wheel locks on all four of your wheels. It’s nothing new, and it’s a part of what defines the New York urban culture. For August Arena III and Ahmad Hassan though, they represent a different type of low-life. A life that braves the mean streets of New York, notorious for destroying oil pans and bending wheels with no prejudice. These guys roll with the street knowledge and driving skill to navigate the urban landscape, breakin’ necks daily in their Honda S2000s.

On this particular day, SNTRL photographer, Cedric Melbourne caught up with Ahmad and August to get some beautiful shots together. With the discontinuation of the Honda S2000 in 2009, the appeal of the S2K has only gotten stronger. It has always been a sexy roadster, but knowing that Honda hasn’t made a new once since we started hitting double digits this decade just takes things up a few notches.

It’s never a bad thing to keep things simple and proper. Clean OEM lines, the right set of wheels, and having it all come together, sitting just right.

For August, those SSR Professors compliment his 2005 Honda S2000 just perfect. Reppin’ the peeps at Ivy League East, his car is definitely a class above the rest.

2005 Honda S2000

Invidia Q300 cat-back exhaust  |  Injen cold-air intake  |  Bride Low Max  |  OEM front lip  |  JIC Magic coil-overs with Swift Springs  |  SSR professor SP1 17×9.5+13F 17×11+2

Ahmad’s S2000, which was static when this photo-shoot went down, is now bagged. You may recognize this particular S2000 as the one that went viral with no fenders while it was totally air’d out and slammed. That pic which was shared by hundreds of social media pages was also shot by none-other than the man himself, Cedric Melbourne.

About a year ago, Ahmad, who travels frequently back and forth from New York to Florida, founded Slam District, a movement that promotes quality. Be sure to check them out!

2005 Honda S2000

OEM front Lip  |  OEM hardtop  |  SPC camber joints  |  Apexi N1 EXV coil-overs (Static during this Feature shoot. Now bagged on on custom struts and Accuair management.)  |  Work Equips 18 x 10 all-around  |  Toyo Proxy 205/40/18 – front / 215/40/18 – rear


A couple of Low-Life’s……

…chillin’ on a typical summer day. 

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