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Monday 08 October, 2012 | By Clive

Is that on bags? Is that a custom paint job? These are a couple of the questions Dan receives when others see his car. A 2004 Subaru WRX with a trendy stance, and an excellent choice in parts. Dan is a different kinda guy, a guy that likes art galleries. In saying this that’s probably the main reason his car looks righteous, the WRX is a direct extension of Dan himself. Tidy, well sorted, and rare.   Dan had a few restrictions when buying a new car; it had to be AWD, and turbo. He lucked out on the hunt for one when his good friend was being deployed for a tour in Afghanistan. His friend wanted the car to be in good hands and from what I see it was left in the right hands. After Dan brought the car his plan was to make an autocross beast. But after a season he managed to destroy a set of Tein coilovers.  That was the last time this WRX saw track time. Now it’s all low and slow for this suby, which is a bit of sacrilege to the Subaru crowd.  Since Dan is not a Subaru purist it’s not a problem for him to keep up with the progression of the tuning scene. Dan’s first Car was a Dodge Daytona.  He modified it tastefully also.

Dan has gone to work on the WRX by adding the in your face mods from the STi: the trunk and STi wing help control the airflow coming off the Evo inspired vortex generator.  A larger STi hood scoop With splitter to feed air to the STi intercooler. To expel the hot exhaust a Helix Catless down pipe was fitted, and feeds a Greddy Ti-C catback exhaust.  To get the most of the engine mods a OpenSource tune was placed on the ECU.

As for the Aesthetics the WRX has been fitted with 18×8.5 +30/+33 Super Advan Version 2’s , Wrapped in 215/40 Hankooks V-12’s.  Dan steered clear of Tein and went with a set of Stance GR+ Coil-overs, Perrin End link’s and front and rear strut tower bars.

For the Drivers Comfort a pair of Bride Cuga’s were bolted in, Key!s Racing 325mm Wheel, with NRG quick release and hub, and to round it out a Varis S-series Champion Commemorative Edition CF shift knob 2011 version Shift knob. Side note: Someone should tell Varis to shorten the name of the shift knob!

 All and all Dan has done a great job with a WRX that turns heads, and Showcases Dan’s personality. If anyone ever tells you that Wisconsin is full of Cheese Head’s and cow’s remember Dan’s 2004 Subaru WRX and tell them there are cool car’s, Cool cats, and good beer coming straight outta Wiscompton!

P.S  Dan still is altering the car, he is currently shopping for new wheels, and plans to do a custom Alcantara trim setup. He also is planning to clean up the engine bay.

Dan’s Shout outs: “My wife for putting up with me and my car show weekends. My friends and family for the continued support and encouragement. My friend Tyler for letting me continue his vision. And anyone I’ve ever had a chance to talk to or complemented me on my car at a show, on the street, or on the Internet.”

Mod List:


Greddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust
Helix catless up-pipe & downpipe
SPT High Flow Intake w/ Heat shield
HKS Super Hi-Flow filter
HKS oil & radiator caps
Tein Hood Dampers
GFB hybrid BOV
Subaru OEM STi intercooler
Custom open source tune


ACT Stage 2 HD Clutch Kit


Stance GR+ coilovers
Perrin front endlinks
Front and Reat Strut Bars


Java black pearl paint (Factory)
Sti Hood Scoop and Spitters
vortex generator
V-limited front lip
JDM side skirt strakes
JDM Rain Guards
Sti trunk and wing
Chargespeed Bottomline rear bumper caps


18×8.5 +30, +33 Super Advan Racing Ver.2 wheels
215/40/18 Hankook V12 tires
Blox purple lug nuts

Electrical and Lighting

6000K HID
Skopek’d custom painted headlights

Prodrive Sti gauge cluster.
Key!s Racing 325mm steering wheel
NRG quick release and hub
Bride Cuga seats
Varis S-Series Champion Commemorative Edition CF shift knob 2011 version
Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD DVD/CD Receiver with 6.1″ LCD

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