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Friday 06 January, 2012 | By Ken


Incredibly mind-blowing. There are so many adjectives that come to mind when you lay your eyes on this vehicle, but let’s just keep it simple and get right to discussing this masterpiece which our broke our necks last summer at Wekfest Chicago.

Take one of the most popular iconic imports of all-time in the “Hachi-Roku” also known as AE86, restore her, and turn her into what you see before you on this screen. The term, “Fresh 86” isn’t just the title of this Feature, it’s what the owner, Al, has been known to call his work of art. When Al first picked her up, being a 20+ year old vehicle in not-so-hot condition, the restoration process was no easy task. To make things more interesting, Al decided to go a different route than just your average restoration project.


Shortly after picking up his Hachi in July of 2008, Al, wasted no time in getting right to work on his plans. From the get-go, it was pretty obvious that what he had in store was going to make this build a special one. Al enlisted the help of MPH Motorsports, located in Skokie, Illinois to restore and build the 86. MPH Motorsports specializes in automotive repair, body work, restoration and high-performance modification. Taking a peek into their shop was like taking a peek into a Japanese shop in the 1980’s. So many cool old school JDM rides and projects underway.


Tear down of the interior and exterior was first and foremost. Shortly after, the parts started rolling in including an Origins widebody kit, Shine Auto Type-1 front bumper, Authentic J-Blood hood, Nardi Deep Corn 330mm steering wheel, Bride Low Max Maziora and Cusco 6 point cage.


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Yes, that is an s2000 cluster. More of that in a moment.




The designation, “AE86” is derived from the engine code, chassis code, generation and the variation within the generation. In this case, the “A” stands for the factory motor code which is 4A, a 1.6 liter twin cam putting out a robust 112 hp and 100 lb/ft of torque in North American stock form. Out of the box, thanks to the rear-wheel-drive setup, and lightweight chassis, performance was respectable, especially during its time. Hachi are known for their incredible balance and that is a big reason why you see Hachi’s competing in touge/drift events against cars that have more than double or even triple the power, and kicking ass!

Plans for this 86 consisted of a heart transplant, one that has been done before, but never gets old. The S2000 cluster was a give-away, so you already know that the next couple of shots will be of a Honda heart, more specifically an F20C out of an AP1 S2000. Just like the body work restoration, the tucked and smoothed engine/bay and S2000 6-speed transmission installation duties was taken care of by MPH Motorsports.



Wheel and suspension combination for just the right “stance”.

Classic SSR Formula Mesh wheels powdercoated Porsche Carrera white with silver flakes
Front – 15 x 8 (-14 offset)
Rear – 15 x 10 (-38 offset)

STANCE GR+ Coilovers




Some people go-all out on their builds then park their rides. Then you have guys like Al, who build their cars to drive them. Our day started at MPH Motorsports, then we hit photoshoot location number 1 which was in the ‘burbs of Chicago. Afterwards, Al suggested that we take a ride to downtown Chicago for the second part of the photoshoot. We are glad we did!


We witnessed AE86 brotherhood in action.


And shortly after experienced Chi-town bumper to bumper traffic.



Rounding off our day with the “Fresh 86” in Chi-Town with a beautiful sunset where the city’s personality just made her shine that much brighter. Be sure to check out the full gallery below.



Photo Credit: Kenny Bascon

Chris Mallari

Modification List:


SSR Formula Mesh Wheels powdercoated Porsche Carrera white with silver flake
15×8 -14 offset (Fronts)
15×10 -38 offset (Rears)

Tires- General Exclaim UHP’s
195/50/15 (Fronts)
205/50/15 (Rears)

– Neo-chrome lugs

Stance GR+ coilovers
Carbing Strut Tower Brace
Cusco Roll Cage
NEXT Miracle X-Bar

Fuel Delivery
Summit Racing 12-Gallon Race Fuel cell
Summit Racing Aluminum Return and Feed lines
Summit Adapters/connectors
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Custom Fuel Cell enclosure
Custom Fuel Sump
Fuel neck relocated to rear hatch/plate area
Fuel Lab Fuel Pressure Regulator
Marshall fuel pressure gauge

F20C installed engine swap
S2000 6-speed Trans
Powdercoated Valve Cover
Wire Tucked and smoothed engine bay
Custom Trans tunnel modification
Custom engine mounts
Custom Short Ram intake
Custom Radiator Piping
Custom Battery relocation kit
Summit Racing Aluminum battery box
Modified HKS exhaust and exhaust piping
Koyo Aluminum radiator
Carbing Oil catch can
Carbing Radiator coolant reservoir

AEM Standalone computer
AEM Wideband o2 Air/Fuel UEGO Gauge
Power Cap with heavy duty lines
S2000 Digital Gauge with custom carbon fiber gauge bezel

Nardi Deep Corn 330mm steering wheel
Works Bell Rapfix II quick release
Boss Hub kit
Bride Low Max Maziora Seats
Schroth Rallye 3 Harnesses
Trueno door cards
K-Sport Hydro E-brake
Relocated Hatch Release

Origin Lab Stylish side skirts and rear bumper
Origin Lab overfenders 25mm (Front), 40mm (Rear)
Shine Auto Type-1 front bumper
Authentic TRD wing
Authentic J-Blood Hood
Solex locks
JDM Kouki smoked corner lights
JDM Kouki front turn signal lights
JDM Kouki smoked eyelids
JDM Redline Kouki rear lights

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