Freed’s 240sx.

Friday 19 October, 2012 | By Ken


Quite simply put, that’s what comes to mind when I see Ben Freed’s Nissan 240sx. The power, the grace, the beauty. It’s all so simple, with the clean body lines of what appears to be a factory Nissan sitting on slicks and skinnies. A closer look reveals a shiny big intercooler, flared fenders, and a paint job so fresh, that you may find yourself getting weak at the knees. But that’s not where the true beauty of this Sil lies. While the trends these days are to slam the hell out of your ride, and throw some super-cool wheels on, or maybe build a dorifto missile out of your rear-wheel drive machine, Ben went a totally different route, that likely won’t be the “popular choice”. Some purist may even hate the whole concept of this build. But the goals are clear and the objectives are set. Met Silvia at the tree, and you better be packing some serious heat of your own. If not, that beautiful rear is all you will be staring at.

Ben is the owner of Freed Engineering, a performance and fabrication shop based out of Gambrills, Maryland. Freed Engineering’s speciality is anything and everything performance oriented. From basic installs to the most custom builds and fabrications, if you can dream it, they will build it. This 240 is the perfect example. What you see under the hood is truly what makes this vehicle so awesome.  740 horsepower at 25psi pumping out of a Borg Warner S400sx 67mm turbocharger. At 28 psi, Sil put down a 9.5 at 149mph pass. All this with a Toyota 2JZ-GTE at the heart of it all. It’s not uncommon to hear of hybrid swaps, especially in the S-chassis platform, and Ben has taken his ride around the block more than once. Before Ben had the 2JZ under the hood, he was running an RB26, complete with custom mounts and wiring harness. As with the RB26 the 2JZ setup was all  in-house at Freed Engineering. The RB ran great while it was healthy and put out a solid 400 hp while roaming the streets. But once the engine failed due to cracked ring lands, Ben decided to look elsewhere. Enter the 2JZ, a motor that is known its strength, durability and high-output potential.

Once the 2JZ went it, this 240 still saw the streets. Who wouldn’t want to see a super-clean S14 like this cruising the streets. But the thirst for more is strong here. Ben decided to raise the bar on his goals and hence, this car was retired from the streets and setup for strictly track-destroying duties. Power was one thing. Getting that power to the ground and shooting for serious 1/4 mile numbers was a totally different game. Going with the present turbo setup has brought Ben closer toward his present goals. Although he has broken mid 9’s, the new standard is 8 second land. Tuning for more power, with the number 900 in mind is what this car is all about. Stay tuned as Ben and his 240sx take their talents to the famous, World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway on November 2 through 4.

Photos by: Jason Ruiz Photography

Engine ModificationsFreed Engineering engine mount kit | Freed Engineering intake manifold | Q45 throttle body | GSC S2 cams | GSC Beehive valve springs and titanium retainers | Titan Chromoly timing belt tensioner | Borg Warner S400sx 67mm turbocharger | Tial 44mm wastegate | Tial Q blow off valve | ATI crank damper | Freed Engineering 4″ aluminum exhaust | 1000hp garrett intercooler with Freed Engineering endtanks and piping | Griffin radiator with SPAL fans | TRD radiator cap | powdercoated valve covers and engine parts | Twin Aeromotive 340 pumps | Weldon fuel pressure regulator | PHR fuel pump hanger | Ross Machine 10AN fuel rail | Teflon fuel lines with Aeromotive fuel filter | FIC 1100cc injectors | Dual 10AN breathers with Freed Engineering catch can | K&N filter | DressUpBolts fasteners | Cusco strut bar

Engine Management –  Electromotive TecGT & Ignition system | Custom built engine and chassis harness

Drivetrain –  V160 Getrag 6-speed transmission | RPS clutch | Q45 LSD differential | one-piece driveshaft | braided stainless clutch line

Suspension –  Fortune Auto Drag coilovers | Battle Version adjustable arms | Whiteline front and rear swaybars | full Energy Supension polyurethane bushings | Solid aluminum differential bushings

Interior – Freed Engineering tig welded roll cage | PCS digital cluster/data logger | NTK wideband | Sparco seat | Momo steering wheel with quick release | Battery relocated to the trunk

Exterior – Acura desert silver paint | flared fenders | tinted headlights

Wheels, Tires & Brakes – Centerline drag wheels, anodized black | (front) 17″ M&H skinnies | (rear) 26x10x15 MT ET Drag tires | all new hand made brake lines | Hawk pads


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