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Saturday 09 March, 2013 | By Ken

The last time we Featured Rob’s “24K” coupe here on SNTRL, titled, the Gold Standard, we brought to you, one of New York City’s iconic rides sporting the Honda badge. 24K has made her way across newsfeeds and tweets across the globe, inspiring many along the way with it’s combination of power, beauty and versatility. Staying true to the gold theme, for the winter season of 2012-2013, Rob of Vraceworks went with some subtle changes to his setup, most notably, the Walker Japan front bumper and the Klutch wheels “24K edition” to go along with even more glittering gold under the hood. Still extremely clean, still classy, and still bullying on Broadway, 24K is a fixture on the streets that still breaks necks daily.

Freezing rain, black ice and temperatures in the teen’s only mean that the heater has to be turned up. 24K is truly driven at any time of the day or night, 24/7. From Harlem, driving down Broadway to the heart of Manhattan, the coupe blends right-in with the crowd like a celebrity walking around in SoHo, and that’s just the way a true New Yorker handles oneself. Street smart, savvy and ready-for-anything in any environment, from the concrete jungle of NYC to the sunny streets of Florida to the tarmac on an Auto-X course. 24K is sure to bring more than a few smiles with her looks and raw power. Until next time we revisit Rob and his coupe again, enjoy the latest shoot, and if you are in the NYC area, don’t be surprised to see the coupe at a local meet, at the Vraceworks shop or simply cruising by you on Broadway.

Photos by: UMALI Photography  |  Kenny Bascon

Owner: Roberto Ventura  |  2000 Honda Civic Si

B18C  |  Hasport motor mounts  |  CP 81.5mm pistons  |  Manly Turbo Tuffs rods  |  Garrett GT3582R  |  AFI ram-horn manifold  |  TiAL 44mm wastegate  |  TiAL Q blow-off valve  |  Magnus intake manifold  |  Skunk2 74mm throttle body  |  Skunk2 Tuner I cams  |  Ferrea valves  |  Skunk2 dual valvesprings  |  Skunk2 retainers  |  Precision intercooler  |  3-inch intercooler piping  |  Custom Vibrant 3-inch downpipe  |  Thermal Research 3-inch exhaust  |  Bosch Full Blown fuel pump  |  Golden Eagle fuel rail  |  Russell fittings  |  Aeromotive FPR  |  Koyo radiator  |  Samco radiator hoses  |  Tilton carbon twin disc clutch  |  Quaife LSD  |  Driveshaft Shop 5.9 axles  |  AEM Series II Standalone ecu  |  Spoon Sports spark plug wires  |  MSD ignition  |  MSD MVD  |  AFI catch can  |  Tein hood dampers  |  Password:JDM hardware kit  |  Password:JDM VTEC solenoid  |  Password:JDM radiator  |  Spoon Sports oil and radiator cap

577 whp and 463 lb-ft at 18 psi

Skunk2 Pro C coilovers  |  Energy Suspension bushings  |  Skunk2 Pro Series camber kits, front and rear  |  Function7 subframe brace and arms  |  Password:JDM rear shock tower bar |  Spoon Sports calipers  |  EBC drilled and slotted rotors  |  Hawk SH pads  |  Russell steel braided brake lines

Wheels and Tires
Klutch SL1 16×8 front, 16×9 rear  |  Yokohama S drive 195/40-16

Walker Japan Front Bumper  |  Seibon carbon-fiber rear lip  |  Seibon carbon-fiber trunk  |  Seibon Gold carbon-fiber hood  |  APR f1 Mirrors  |  OEM optional window visors

Password:JDM Recaro seats  |  5-pt Takata harnesses  |  Sparco harness bar  |  Spoon Sports steering wheel  |  Mugen hub and shift knob  |  Password:JDM airbag delete tray  |  AEM boost, oil, fuel gauge

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Gold Standard
Gold Standard

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