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Friday 03 December, 2010 | By Ken

The first time I saw Oliver’s Lexus SC, I was in front of Bridge Auto Parts Store under the hood of my EVO changing out a vacuum line when I heard a car roll up in the parking space next to mine. I was so involved with what I was doing that even though I heard a car with a deep hum pull up, I didn’t bother to take a look. It was just like being in one of those car commercials where, as soon as I close my hood, my eyes quickly caught notice of what was next to me, and right then and there my jaw dropped.

A few moments later, my homie Oliver comes out and I found out that he had gotten rid of his Miata (which was also a serious head-turner) for this black beauty. I was just floored by how clean his SC is. This car is the definition of SLAMMIN. Stance…CHECK. Fitment….CHECK. Ultra-Rare Volks…..CHECK. We chat for a bit, and then head out. Once we rolled out of the parking lot, I hear the sweet sound of spool. Boost…..CHECK.

Oliver is no stranger to the car life. This is his second SC. His first build was cut short because of additions to his family which found him trading in his two door Lex for a family-ready Suburban. Not too long after, the bug bit again, and he ended up getting into Miatas. His second being a 99 all-black Miata that was slammed and poked. When he decided that there was some unfinished business with Lexus, and he got rid of his Miata for this SC, everyone hated him for doing it because at the time, the Lex looked like crap (his own words, lol). For a time, even he was second-guessing his decision, but he stuck with his plans, and now his hard work is finally paying off. Although Oliver will point out that it is still a work in progress, his daily-driven SCupra (thanks to the JDM 1JZ single turbo conversion) is now widely appreciated by many. It’s no surprise why, the amount of attention to detail speaks volumes.

Big Thanks to Oliver for letting us feature his SCupra! Check out the pics and details. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for the gallery with additional pictures from the shoot!

Part of making this car extremely unique and beautiful is the shoes you see before you. The rims are limited production Formula Zero Blue also called F-Zero. These rims are so rare and exclusive that Edo here at SNTRL at first mentioned to me that these rims may have been powdercoated, but Oliver broke it down for us. There is believed to be only about 5 sets in the world in this color and only 2 are CE’s as far as Oliver is aware of, with the only other one being a 16″ wheel.

Volk F-Zero 19″x9.5/10.5+12 all around
Kumho 225/35 fronts 235/35 rears

We decided to take a ride down to Chinatown, NYC and grab some bubble tea while doing the shoot.

Putting that Boost to good use!

– Full shine/autocouture kit
– suspension: Stance gr+ supra specs 18k/10k
– new paint and body work to make kit fit proper by Nocturnal auto wurx in Yonkers, NY


Street Mechanics. SNTRL’s very own Dru lending Oliver a hand….

You’ve heard of Spoon wheels…how about “Spoon tools”?

WE DID IT…..for the bubble Tea! Taro!

Bullying on the West Side!

Transplanted with a 2.5 liter JDM 1JZ originally twin turbo’d 276hp/268 lb/ft tq.
The 1JZ came in the Soarer, Supra, and Chaser overseas and is very popular in the drifting community for its rev happy powerband.
* Eliminated twins, upgraded to tubular manifold single turbo.
* Specs are: t4 mount 60mm trim compressor 1.15 a/r hot side
* HKS 40mm wastegate
* 3″ v-banded custom mandrel bent downpipe and exhaust done by my friend Maco @ DRT.
* oem supra 4″ core sidemount intercooler.
* HKS soarer aluminum intercooler piping,
* HKS SSQV blow off valve,
* HKS EVC5 boost controller.
* Map-I ECU.
* walbro 255 intank pump.
* 550cc siemens injectors.

Upgraded to a 5spd R154 this comes in the mk3 supra after demolishing my stock W58 also a 5spd tranny
* Act extreme pressure plate
* Act sprung ceramic 6 puck
* 11.5lbs lightened flywheel from Driftmotion
* Arp 1jz flywheel bolts
* r154 shifter extension from Driftmotion.
* 1jz/2jz to r154 bell housing
* r154 front half shaft
* r154 short throw shifter, made by beech performance.
* Marlin crawler vss vehicle speed sensor
* Marlin crawler urethane shifter bushing
* Marlin crawler shifter socket
* full length braided clutch hose from Driftmotion
* Redline MT90 Manual Transmission Fluid

Oliver’s future plans for his SCupra:
* 2JZGTE single’d V160 6spd trans.
* A reliable 500+hp Stanced beast, hard parked.
* Some european bling for next year although its a secret since he’d like to keep his future wheel plans exclusive, sorry guys.
* The body will remain the same. except maybe go back to oem bumpers.
* He is also considering trying out bags on coils although he isn’t 100% sure yet. He needs some feedback first.
* Black interior upgrade.
* A crap load of other things i haven’t quite figured out how im going to get the money to own yet, lol 😛

Oliver would like to thank everyone who has made this build possible.

Jason “Jayspec” @speedworks
Aneudy ” Maco Tunning” @drt
Mike @
Nick @
John @ Nocturnal auto wurx
The whole crew @ Rigosport
Kenny & Dru @ for the dope write-up video, photos, bubble tea and a great experience overall.
Also the people at
Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone my thanks goes out to you as well.

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