Becky Accord

Wednesday 20 February, 2013 | By Ken

Becky Accord, as she is affectionately known on the streets of New York City and all across the inter-webs had a pretty simple start in life. Innocently enough, Leo Garcia first purchased Becky back in 2008. Your generic, Honda Accord, she was silver and had all that Leo was looking for in a ride at the time: reliability and comfort. Although he wasn’t much into the import world, and the idea of modifying his Accord was not a priority in the beginning, he did decide to do some basic upgrades a few weeks into ownership. HIDs, window tints, 2008 Accord coupe rims and some Tein lowering springs were in order. For the average car owner, this is where the journey into the car world finds a nice parking spot and stops there. As you can see though, for Leo, this was just the start to a whole new chapter in his life.

Car life brings together friends and a mutual passion for cars. For Leo, car life was something that snuck up and took him by surprise. What started out as just doing some basic upgrades to make his car more of “his own” , turned into weekend-nights filled with going to meets and known car-hangout spots with friends. A year later, in 2009, the mod bug bit once again, this time with a front-end 2006-07 conversion, 19×8 all-around Privat wheels, and full coil-over Tein SS suspension dialed on the last perch. SLAMMED. That setup lasted for pretty much the whole 2009 season until Becky was rear-ended later that year. Not one to give up on his love, Leo took Becky straight to the body shop and while undergoing repairs, he decided to start over with a new color, Starfire White.

Wheel fitment is an obsession. If you happen to be one of those individuals that can’t stop thinking about proper wheel fitment, then Leo is a guy who knows where you are coming from. He eats, sleeps and breaths fitment. The 19×8 Privats were nice, but it was time for Becky to take the next step in her evolution, and for the 2011 season, Leo went with a set of super aggressive Work Schwerts SC4 R19x10 +12 F19x9 +16.

For 2012, the new year,  yet again means a new face. This time around, Becky received a full make over with help from Leo’s good friend Mike from International Auto Body who sponsored Becky for quarter panel flares and a new paint job, Ballon White from the Lamborghini Gallardo. 2012 also marked a change in Becky’s suspension setup that gave her flexibility combined with being super-aggressive for the mean streets of New York City. K-sport Bags teamed-up with the ACCUAIR management system. To complete Becky’s make-over, a super aggressive wheel setup that consisted of VIP MODULARS vx110 R19x10.5 +12 F19x9.5 +22 rounded out her latest look.

It’s not everyday that you meet a couple who are so passionate about the car life, together. And it’s equally as rare to find a female who not just lives the lifestyle, but also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty with her hubby. But that’s the case with Leo and his wife Natasha. As they can attest, Becky in their life has only made their bond stronger, and as Leo states, “..still a better love story than Twilight, lol.” Together they also run a blog called Serious Innovations, that focuses on capturing the art in car lifestyle through film and photography. Their movement on the streets of NYC have made an impact, and bring together some of the hottest rides in the area.

Guess what ladies and gentlemen. It’s 2013 and winter season is now upon us. That can only mean one thing….Becky’s makeover is now underway.

Words by Leo Garcia and Kenny Bascon

Photography by SNTRL Fam: Norman M. Photography (Norman Midence)

Honda Inspire Black Chrome headlights
Honda Inspire fog lights lamps
Honda Inspire door handles
6k HID regular/6K HID high beam/ 6K HID Fog /6K HID reverse
06-07 accord front bumper conversion
Custom fit 03-05 sedan OEM front Lip
OEM trunk Spoiler
Custom fit 06-07 accord coupe HFP rear lip
Custom shaved side door moldings
Custom Tail Light Painted black tinted
Custom Roof top Painted gloss black
Custom paint Balloon white
VIP puddle lights L.E.D.
Custom Fabricated All Metal quarter panel flare

Hyper White LED all around
Custom zebra pattern complete roof lining
Custom door panels with 10” voice speaker on each door and middle console vinyl White.

Current Wheels: VIP Modular VX110 19×10.5 + 12 Rear 19×9.5 +12 Front
Tires: Federals SS595 225/35/19 Rear 215/35/19 Front

Current Suspension: Accuair E-level Air Management System
KSports Struts Bags
Ingals Rear Lower Camber/Toe Kits
Wicked tuning Rear upper camber arm
Megan front upper control arm camber kit
TL-S Front Sway Bar Link kit

2011 accord 3.5 Air manifold swap
Custom CAT-Back Exhaust (all resonator delete)
5zigen Fireball Mega mufflers (from lexus GS)
Fujita Cold Air intake
P2R throttle spacer
P2R Thermal Gaskets manifold and throttle body
Ingalls stiffy torque damper
Greddy front upper strut bar

I.C.E. (In Car Electronics)
Pioneer N1 flip dash
0 gauge power wires
Big 3 wiring
XS power battery 3100
1 farad capacitor
Audio Pipe 4ch 1500
Planet audio 4ch 1200
Kicker 4ch
2x Orion d5000
2 Orion HCCA 12.2
4 EVs
2 Beyma Tweeter
4 Lanzar Otpti dome


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