Tuner Evolution: Roll in

Monday 11 August, 2014 | By Edo


5:45am. Vinny, myself and Pravan parked outside of the expo center…first car in line, arriving even before the staff, not a drop of coffee. Why were we up so early in this seemingly random part of PA? Because Tuner Evolution! The hype for this event kept us up all night. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones as we heard quite a few interesting stories from the pre-party in Philly the night before. While that and quite a few other pre-parties were going on, myself, Tim Durnak and a few buddies from JDMChicago were busy in the back roads of PA for some midnight Touge battles. So many good times were had and the show hadn’t even started yet. All of that energy carried over into the morning roll-in. This is one of the best parts of car shows in my opinion. There’s always that moment when your hear a badass car and have to stop what you’re doing to see what on earth could have made such a beautiful sound.

So now that we’ve got your attention, let’s check out some of the sights from the morning at Tuner Evolution!


Dru’s GTR rumbling through hall 2.


Sooo wet…from the rain.


Trixie made the 12 hour Journey with FIZZ and the JDMChicago crew. Always fun to see our Mid-West buds on the east coast. Plus, how sick is this wagon?!


Darren fresh from his trip to the Philippines. The SNTRL Itasha S14s first appearance since coming back from our Chicago road trip. Always a crowd favorite!



I have a soft spot for EF’s <3


Kouki S14. A favorite from the weekend. Love those Equips!


Dope Miata! Love the subtle yet aggressive look.


Monster EVO spotted outside. 800hp of CT9A power. Mean looking is an understatement…


Line up! Nigel’s awesome Aristo spotted.




The ever generous Tim Durnak with a bottle of soda for a friend of his…


Our homie Willy setting up at Nostalgic grains. Loving the new shift knobs!



Mr. Serious Innovations himself, Leo, never without the smile. Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family!


Kaizen Tuning brought some amazing machines! More on that later, hehe…


Sitting on gold!


Friends at TRUE DRIVING were also in town for the fun this weekend.


I may have mentioned how much I love this Soarer/SC (WHATEVER!) before. If I didn’t, well I love it. It’s just got that awesome straight out of Japan look. Me gusta!



Show time! Stay tuned for our official SNTRL coverage of Tuner Evolution going live this week!

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