Supreme Sundays

Monday 19 August, 2013 | By SNTRL

Supreme Sunday.

On one fine summer Sunday, in Fredericksburg, Virginia,  something happened that was in the making for quite some time. What started out as private meets amongst friends and fellow car enthusiast, was soon growing and getting some well deserved attention. Just like the quality Chris Parker puts into his build and his work, the same passion and effort went into the meets him and his team were putting together.  Not surprisingly, the reputation and recognition grew to the point where “private meets” was no longer applicable. And so, Supreme Sunday was born!

Photo coverage by SNTRL Fam, Norman Midence who took the five-hour trip from New York to Fredericksburg, Virginia  the day before the event, along with his good friend, Gabe “Papifly” Batista, to experience Virginia car life once again and be a part of the inaugural Supreme Sunday event.

Riding down in Gabe’s 2013 slammed Si, was for the most part uneventful, except for some traffic, which was expected. Once they arrived, Chris took Gabe’s Si into his shop for a quick wash-and-detail in preparation for Supreme Sunday. Chris and Company showed nothing but true southern hospitality all weekend.

As you can see from the coverage, Function and Form was well-represented. Our kind of event! Stay tuned for more from Norman M. Photography and his adventures during Supreme Sunday weekend.

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