SNTRL and Team OGS head to The Rockaways after Sandy

Tuesday 27 November, 2012 | By Edo

Sandy. What can we say that hasn’t already been said? It’s interesting now, how just a couple of weeks later, life seems to be back to ‘normal’ in NYC. Trains are running, gas lines are gone, power is up and people are continuing to go about their business. That’s a great thing really, we got through this like we always do. However, things aren’t so fortunate in other parts of NY. These are the things we don’t see on TV or in news papers anymore.

The “Hype” of the storm seems to have faded away. Wish we could say the same for the devastation that Sandy left behind in those areas. When we saw the storm unfold before our eyes on TV (for those of us who had power), the feeling was gut-wrenching. It’s one of those moments where you say “This can’t be happening. Here? No way.” It was only a few days after the storm that we can actually see how bad everything had turned out to be. No power for days, not being able to get to work and of course the gasoline shortage. All of these inconveniences that followed the storm for most are almost a distant memory now. Not for those who live in the hardest hit areas though, the Rockaways for example.

We had to do something. Just sitting around watching this unfold and donating a buck to the red cross some how just wasn’t enough. So we Teamed up with OGS (The good people behind events like Honda Day.), Nyce1’s and a couple of other well known members in our car community to do our part. On Sunday November 11th, we all gathered at around 6am over at Flushing Meadows Park, same location as the infamous Bakerz meet, to set out to the Rockaways.

For a few of us, this was our first time to visit this part of NYC. For one of us, this part of town is what he used to call home. Julian, co-owner of Nyce1’s was a resident of the Rockaways. He and his children lived in a home that fell victim to the storm. We all paid a visit to his former home only to wish this visit had been under better circumstances. Sand and debris were everywhere. The incredible part is just how far inland from the beach the sand / ocean must have come. We saw countless water damaged over turned cars, NYPD cruises and even fire trucks. The mood was very dismal as we drove through the area on the way to the community center. Seeing the looks on peoples faces as they try to salvage what’s left of their former lives just left some of us with a feeling of guilt from good our situations are compared to them.

Some complain about gas lines while other lose an entire homes yet still remain grateful to have their lives. Upon arrival to the community center, we could see the long lines of the locals who were waiting to collect much needed donations. It only made us wish we could bring more. Sad times yet the spirits of the locals remained strong. That was a reassuring feeling, the people of the Rockaways are not defeated. What was once a beautiful beach at the Rockaways, is now ruin and mountains of debris. One could only look in awe at what the true force and power of mother nature is capable of. Things like this make you realize, be grateful for what you have and be sure to always help those in need, you never know when you might need a helping hand yourself. The Rockaways and other heavily affected areas need just that, a helping hand. If you have the means and are able, please don’t hesitate to do so. Much respect out to Team OGS, Nyce1’s, Siva of Speedlounge, Ed Photos, Kenny Chan, and members of our own SNTRL fam who came out and did what we could. Stay tuned as we continue to push for support. You can also contact the American Red Cross to see how you can do your part to help aid in the relief of Far Rockaway as well as all affected areas on the East Coast.

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Check out video coverage by Julian of :

The devastation was evident everywhere. Driving block by block as an experience that would not be so easily forgotten.

Christmas presents destroyed by the storm, tell a story, amongst other things, of just how close to home Sandy has had an impact.

The men and women who came from various places to volunteer their time, energy and heart are very much appreciated.


Big props goes to The Shop, Brooklyn for coming out to Far Rockaway and giving away awesome food to all those that needed it, volunteers and residents alike!

Being that SNTRL does cover car culture frequently, this late-model Z06, destroyed by Sandy, caught our eye and our lens.

Far Rockaway beach will leave you speechless. Gone are the beautiful parks, the boardwalk and even the streets, that are now covered in sand and debris. Waterfront homes and buildings are now sites of destruction.

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