Honda Day Englishtown 2012 – 10 Year Anniversary

Saturday 25 August, 2012 | By Ken

Honda Day Englishtown 2012 marked a very special occasion, and a milestone for a generation.  For 2012, the OGS team celebrated 10 years of Honda Day bringing one of, if not, the largest Honda/Acura event in the country. During its 10 year run, going back to the days when it was actually called the “Honda Meet”, Honda fans have enjoyed witnessing the culture grow and prosper in so many different ways, both on the track, in the shows and the effects it has on the each and every Honda fan.

Rewind a few decades back to the muscle car heyday, the streets were run by pony cars and v8’s, rotary’s and big turbos. Anything with 4 cylinders was usually associated with an under-powered vehicle, and in that mindset, usually an import. While the “import” aspect remains the same, the modern day craze amongst this generation’s gear head has changed considerably. Sure, we still expect above-average gas mileage from our street 4-bangers, but the technological advances we have seen and implemented in the builds on the road and track are leaps and bounds above what anyone could have ever imagined years ago. Combine that with the fan base of the Honda brand which stands at the forefront of all automotive brands in terms of size and global reach, and you can see why Honda Day Englishtown is such an important day for many people. For many, Honda Day represents a culmination of hours upon hours of blood, sweat, tears and empty wallets. But all of it is worth it

At the forefront of the 4-banger movement is, as we all know, Honda. Most of us started out being surrounded by something Honda, whether it was our own car, or someone that we knew. This influence opened the doors for many future car enthusiast, and this is a major reason why many people have such strong opinions of Honda itself. You can be sure, that unless you are a die-hard domestic car fan or you have been living in a cave for most of your life, most enthusiast these days, will know what the term, “b-series” or “vtec” mean.

The passion for the average Honda fan is incredible. The sheer number of Honda fans in and of itself is astounding. And it was all on display once again during the weekend of August 11th/12th. If you planned to arrive when the gates were opening, you found yourself stuck in traffic, particularly on Sunday the 12th, when at 6:30am, the line of cars had extended to nearly 2 miles from the gates of Englishtown Raceway park. The gates were scheduled to open at 8am, but thanks to the extreme congestion, the lines started to move right around 7am. Luckily, Englistown was large enough to host all the Honda fans who would be in attendance that day.

The early morning arrivals, and the display of dedication to the Honda game was evident everywhere you turned, just like in this photo taken by SNTRL’s Norman Midence, of Stephanie, getting her RSX on-point before the official roll-on.

Lindsey, another die-hard Honda enthusiast was focused on the task at hand as well.

Lines and lines of fans and their rides, were ready to celebrate 10 years of Honda Day Englishtown.

Many, put on display, their passion. Some with the shirts they rocked, some through their rides, while others in more creative ways like this kid with his “JDM” haircut.

Taking the clean, creative look to a different level. We approve of proper ingenuity.

This is what it’s all about. The excitement, the energy, the love. Yea, it was another ridiculously hot 2012 summer day, one of the hottest summer in recorded history. But all that did to the multitudes of fans was give them a serious tan. Just ask Kenny Cano who was hard at work doing what he loves.

Race teams, show teams and their fans. Everyone was representing this weekend.

MC Slick doing what he does best. Getting the crowd hype’d up! Honda Day Englishtown 2012 was in full effect.

For the 10th Anniversary of Honda Day Englishtown, the OGS crew purchased this DC2 Integra and went right to work on stripping it down, and prepping it for its full make-over.  Thanks to the Team Honda Day for putting together an incredible example of Honda love and passion. Project DC2 met and exceeded all expectations and goals.

Congratulations to Evelyn Moreno, the happiest person to leave Englishtown on this weekend. This is truly what its all about. Photo Credit to Terence Gamble for capturing Evelyn the moment she won the Honda Day 10th Anniversary Giveaway Integra.

Honda Day has always been known for the Honda Day models. The 10th Anniversary was no let-down, as they wow’d the crowd on the Honda Day stage, posing with cars and the cars….

….as well as playing assistant for the photographers. Shout out to all the Honda Day models for always doing their thing as they always do!

SNTRL’s Sparda chillin with the girls from Performance, Auto and Sound magazine.

This year, one of the crowd favorite attractions was the Human Vtec Master. Talk about talent. This guy was incredible.

Video Credit:

What Honda Day weekend always comes down to is the competition. Both the show and the track competition are always intense. Honda enthusiast have continually raised the bar with their craft and its evident in the level of competitiveness and the  results that they produce. Congrats to Ricky Silva, Loan Prayoonto, Jonathan Reynolds, Steven Oliviera, Stephen Lopez, Katrina Gedge, Carlos Grullon and Rashad Wilson for taking home the crown in their respective drag racing classes.

Real Street Performance S2000 had the crowd on their toes all afternoon.

Man Up.

No Guts No Glory.

Eat Sleep Race. Nuff Said.

If you aren’t in the stands, the pits or on the track, the Honda Day show circuit is the place to be. The Honda Day show circuit was a display of how far the Honda game continues to evolve. Check out the show coverage, and be sure to scroll to the bottom for the full gallery coverage of Honda Day Englishtown 2012 – 10 Year Anniversary! Be sure to check out the full winner’s list at Honda Day’s site.

Photo Credits:

Norman M. Photography | P R A V A N Photography | Jonathan Melendez | Kenny Bascon | Terence Gamble Photography/PAS MAG | Enny Marte

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