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Saturday 14 January, 2012 | By Ken

Another road-rally to heat up those tires in this cold, winter weather. It’s great that we haven’t had much precipitation, and for the most part, its been a pretty mild winter up until around New Year’s, but right after 2012 arrived, almost on cue, the temps started to drop. That means its time to get a fix on some racing that involves manageable temps. What better way than Grand Prix New York (GPNY) which features gas go-cart racing and grid racing. Joseph Castellana did a great job organizing this Rally on short notice, renting out the track for the rally participants, and forming a rally/cruise that started out in Old Westbury, with a stop-over in Westchester, New York and ending at GPNY, Mount Kisco, New York.

We were on our way to cover and enjoy the rally up from Old Westbury, when we experienced the unfortunate circumstance of having a lower intercooler pipe blow off on our EVO. Fortunately, we were able to catch up at the second stop off the Hutchinson River Parkway, and continue on the Rally to Mount Kisco.

Needless to say, having dozens and dozens of sick road machines and exotics rally up along the highway from the Hutchinson River Parkway to 684, provided a full show for many of the regular bystanders who were lucky enough to experience the GPNY Rally which featured 9 and 10 second GTR’s, some equally fast 911s, a host of M-series beamers, Audi RS4’s, Mustang Cobra’s, Dodge Challenger’s, and of course a few JDM rally-bred STI’s and EVOs, to name a few.

The hero’s representing Domestic, JDM and Euro were in attendance.

Just a small sample.


Eat Sleep Race!

Awesome Motorsports’ 911 was ready for battle…..

…as was the Awesome Motorsport’s GTR. Known as the “GTR with the blue brakes”.

Arrival at GPNY, Mount Kisco, New York, right on time for some go-kart racing!

The end of the Rally had ended, but the racing was just beginning! And on the topic of “end”-ing, there is just something to be said about the rear-end of a Noble M400.

Photo Credit:     Chris Mallari   /   Kenny Bascon

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