EVO vs STi Day

Saturday 24 November, 2012 | By SNTRL

The EVO vs WRX/STi rivalry is the perfect example of modern-day hard-nosed competition at its best. And who doesn’t love a good rivalry? This past September, the battleground was in Englishtown Raceway Park in Old Bridge New Jersey at the EVO vs WRX/STi event. Battling it out in the show and in the 1320, fans from both sides enjoyed the former-rally rivals-turned-all-around competitors, go at it, showcasing some of the Northeast’s best.

This weekend, on Sunday, November 24, 2012, the last major race event at Englishtown Raceway Park, Street Wars – Import vs Domestic will go down, with the EVO vs STi heads up and bracket racing, a major part of the festivities. Cooler temperatures can be a plus and a minus when its comes to drag racing. The plus being that race vehicles breathe much better and turbo vehicles in particular enjoy better performance. The minus is traction. Luckily for these EVO’s and WRX/STi’s, both are AWD, which isn’t a cure-all for traction issues, but can make life a bit easier overall on street tires. Add drag radials or slicks to the equation and things can get interesting. We are looking forward to the even this Sunday. In the meantime, check out SNTRL’s coverage of the EVO vs WRX/STi event.

Photo coverage by: Al Norris Photography  |  Herb Allen aka The Fourth Photography  |  Kenny Bascon

Check out the EVO vs WRX/STi video coverage by: Mike Koziel – MikeK Media

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