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Friday 17 August, 2012 | By Dale

On a hot and muggy Monday, I set off with camera in hand to Capsule’s second menswear trade show of the year. The atmosphere is always very inviting, everytime. For me, being involved in the fashion industry is a fairly new gig. I’ve been a fashion junky for many years, so attending Capsule is like being a kid in a candy store. I am never let down when it comes to seeing what some great designers are going to offer for next year.

Spring/Summer 2013 was and is a season that I am loving. With pastel, dusty, and bright colors being a huge hit I had great anticipation for what was to come for next year. So far we have been seeing a ton of print and pattern, along with bright colors for the upcoming S/S 2012 season. Whether it be on a t-shirt, button up, pants, socks and even shoes, print will be everywhere next year. Camo, one of my favorite prints, is still hot and I have a good feeling it wont be going anywhere for a very, very long time. Color blocking, something that has been popular in women’s fashion for some time seems to be making a transition into mens fashion. The popularity of accessories has grown faster then I would ever predicted. It feels like there is a new backpack, tote or weekend bag releasing every day. It’s great! Not to mention wrist wear. Classic favorites, like chambray shirt, double-breasted jackets, low top sneakers and shoes, just seem to keep getting better. Right now it’s all about re-interpreting and re-inventing classic styling and trends. After all, you can never go wrong with a classic.

Some great pieces from Tee Library. I love the print on their accessories. Check out the detail on the t-shirt sleeve.

Not for everyone, Caminando shows a great selection of color and print with some vibrant colored soles. You’ve got to love the flower skulls!

As usual Billykirk brings out a great selection of handmade leather goods. I WILL be purchasing that tote when it releases!

Best Made Company is a pretty dope brand offers things like bags, blankets, first aid kits, and tons of other goods to get you through a trip out in the wilderness. The tent display was a great touch.

Was really digging the color on all of the accessories from Twothirds. Those espadrilles are a must buy for next year.

As a huge motorcycle enthusiast, this helmet is the shiz from Flying Zacchinis! Love the graphic and brown leather lining.

A great looking Long Board from Arbor Collective.

Shwood Eyewear bringing a refreshing change to sunglasses. You guessed it, made completely out of wood. Great colors here.

A favorite of mine, Poler Camping Stuff brings great products at even better price points. Definitely check them out.

Terrapin Stationers bringing some style to the world of envelopes. Seriously, I want one of each. Check them out on Etsy, they have some really great cards as well.

Guess what guys, unless you have been living under a rock, you’d know that New Balance is back and better then ever. Check out the rainbow of color choices!! These will be a must buy in the coming year.

Gasp! Check out this Camo jacket from Klaxon Howl. Seriously impressive!

The absolutely brilliant color of this jacket from Common People made it a show favorite for me. Great accent from the blue and white pocket square.

Any one want this vintage bike as much as I do?!

Was really digging the style’s coming from Sunday Somewhere.

With socks being a very popular accessory, Richer Poorer offers a ton of great options with perfect price points. Definitely give them a look. Although I could probably never pull it off, I loved the digital camo selection.

Miansai, the heavy hitters in wrist wear game, always coming out with new style’s you find yourself needing. They also have released a line of Panama hat’s, which look great.

For those of us who love high end watches but have shallow pockets, Tsovet gives you a chance to own a watch that looks like it could retail in the thousands, but sell in the hundreds. A personal favorite for sure.

Topo designs have always brought great products. Simple styling with great colors and detail, its a win all around. And of course, I have to point out the camo bags. Want!

I seriously would have bought this Blk Pine Workshop bag on the spot if I could. All of the colors work so well together. I can not wait for this to release!

Some great accessories coming from Logan Zane.

Beautiful Ful has a full line of amazing jackets. Broke my neck every time I walked past their booth.

Monitaly, a crowd favorite, with great prints for the S/S 2013.

Would you wear a transparent rain jacket?

Of course I had to include some car content found near the entrance. An Uber rare sight, a Maserati Biturbo and a favorite of mine, the Range Rover Classic.

You’ve got to love that menswear is going in such a great direction.

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Capsule NYC: Menswear Tradeshow
Capsule NYC: Menswear Tradeshow

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