Black 4

Monday 19 August, 2013 | By SNTRL

BLACK 4 presented by Luxury Abstract and Liberty VIP.

Since 2010 BLACK has been bringing the masses the finest examples of luxury modified vehicles on the East Coast in an outdoor setting. For BLACK 4, Luxury Abstract and Liberty VIP decided to switch things up as the BLACK show series continues to evolve and grow, hosting their first indoor event at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on August 3, 2013 in conjunction with Tuner-Evolution. Open to not just aggressively lowered sedans, but all VIP styled luxury vehicles as well as those in the Vanning and K-car community, the finest eye-popping, jaw-dropping examples were on display. The VIP culture is a unique culture that originated from past history of the mobsters in the Land of the Rising Sun, but has become a passion and life for those that live it now. It’s more than just about taking some fancy wheels and slamming your sedan. It’s about attention to detail, meticulous upkeep, and only the finest parts to go along with your VIP-styled ride.

Photography by: P R A V A N Photography  |  Kenny Bascon

Our homie Martin was back home getting married, but his GS wasn’t missing the big show. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s an E-class custom front bumper, and no, his car is not on bags. Static all the way.

Ming, reppin’ Fizz Autosports Chicago, took home the Black 4 “Best Infiniti M” award.

Big Ty from Liberty VIP won “Most JDM VIP Inspired”. The judge who made the call? Ryo Kaneta, aka Kinta, from USDM Freax and US VIP Magazine, straight out of Japan.

This very lovely pink GS is owned by none-other than the equally lovely, Chané Pham. As you can see, she has moved onto to bigger and better things since we last Featured her on SNTRL.

Nickel’s M3 is always a an inspiration.

It’s that “Uber Fresh” VIP ride.

It’s Da Mayor himself, Kenny Chan, rolling hard-body in his M, as always.

Mikey’s G looking like a super star on those “Super Star Leon Hardirrit Friedan” wheels.

BLACK 4 is more than just about that JDM life. Euro VIP is always a pleasure.

Jason took the trip all the way from Chicago with his neck-breaking 5-series. Serious business.

We don’t see too many of these properly done new-body GS’s, but oh-my-do-we-LIKES!

The Vanning scene is growing on the East Coast. And we can’t say enough about how much we love it. Keep em’ coming people!

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