2013 Scoobapalooza

Tuesday 02 July, 2013 | By Clive

It’s 12pm Friday. I’m at my home in OKC, It’s the start of a long weekend. A year ago I became the proud owner of a 2011 STi sedan. Little did I know that I was entering the odd world of friendly people. Coming from a Honda background where you are worried that everyone is trying to steal your car. The Subaru world is different. Back during the winter months I came across a post in the Midwest region of NASIOC, about a meet. While there are rather big meets on the east and west coast for suby fan’s the Midwest got the snub. Not anymore! What started as a post on NASIOC turned into a weekend of Subaru worship in St. Louis MO.  I made the trip up from Oklahoma sadly with no A/C. for the second time it just quit on me, and it happened to be 100 degrees out in O.K. what can I say; it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru. Was it worth the trip? Hell yes! Not only did I get to see my good friends from 6 Star, and Four Star Society, I met some very good people.  I arrived Friday night after a 6 hour hot tank ride, to find a car wash and eat some Emo’s Pizza, a St. Louis must have aside from the BBQ. Found a car wash to get the bugs off and wait for my fam to arrive. After going to bed at 4:30AM we have to be up in 3 hours for the show and meet . As one would expect with Subaru’s you get all different flavors. From full blown rally Cars, fast street cars, to low and slow riders. J.P. and his crew did a great job, and the sponsors for the event had plenty of gifts to give. Tons of raffle prizes.  Sadly the Autocross event for Sunday was cancelled due to the Tornado’s that the area suffered, so Sunday a small trip to waffle house and the St. Louis Arch were in order. All in all, if you ask me; Will I be back next year? My answer would be hell yes. Why? The atmosphere, It was laid back, at a great location for all the Midwest, and the people were all good in my book.  Suby fan’s came from all corners to be here, I.E.: New York, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri,Kansas, New Mexico, Iowa, Indiana, and Of Course Oklahoma. Since this is a 1st annual event i gave the Event creators a chance to give a big thanks to all the supporters and volunteers. Its a BIG list: “-First, Our headlining sponsor for the 2013 Scoobapalooza, Talo Acoustics, Truly the “Future of Sound”. -Our Official Scoobapalooza Media Coverage provided by David Mullis Photography who produced some truly beautiful photos that really captured the event.” “-The Official Scoobapalooza promotional materials provided by Maestro Screen Printing who produced the phenomenal event materials.” “-Also we would like to thank all of our sponsors for such amazing full support during this year. Diode Dynamics, Vigilant Motorsport, Six Star Motorsports, Anarchy Motive, Gorilla OffRoad Company, Scoobies For Boobies, Dean Team Automotive, Liberty Auto City, Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill, Primitive Racing, Prosport Gauges, Fuku Works, Infamous Performance & Tuning, Rock Auto, Mishimoto, , RDS Performance, Borla Exhaust, Auto-Tech Interiors, AEM Performance Electronics, Saab and Subaru Parts, RallyTech, Oakos Automotive, JPM Coachworks, Shining Monkey, and G3 Innovate. -A big thank you goes out to our Saturday venue, The Museum of Transportation for being so accommodating of our event.” “-Also, a thank the 2013 Scoobapalooza Planning Committee for their service to make such a great event occur. (Allese Ellis, Sarah Contarini, Ryan Davis, Zach Hasenfratz, Andrea Strange, Zach Kassenbaum, Kevin Hoang, Jennifer Hampton Rivenbark, Josh Tons, Landon Bigogno, Joan Nickeson, Eddie Povis, Drew Skeets, Nick Story, Michael & Liz Kuba, Ryan Bagin, Tommy Van Leunen, Paul Scalise, Amber Nouzovsky) -And a final thank you would go out to the Midwest Subaru Enthusiast Community, because without their participation and support we would not have had such a successful event.” Lastly I would like to thank Brian Whedon, and Rayn Valino for their Photos and editing! Stay tuned as the planning has already begun for the 2014 Scoobapalooza event.

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