15th Annual Sport Compact Car Fall Nationals

Thursday 18 October, 2012 | By SNTRL

When it comes to drag racing, the life of a racer is continuous. During the winter, the build or re-builds are in-progress in preparation for the upcoming racing season which opens at the beginning of spring. During the summer, the competition “heats” up (no pun intended) as the racing season is in full spring. But during the fall months, this is a special time for racers. It signifies a climax to a full season of balls-to-the-wall racing for the most dedicated competitors and their fans. And even more so, it is a time when after the racers have gotten suitable seat time throughout the year,  and they are at their best. Combine that with the added effect of cooler temperatures and lower humidity, conditions which favor the most possible power out of a combustible motor, and it equates to an exciting racing environment. So it’s no surprise that the Sport Compact Car Fall Nationals at Englishtown Raceway Park is one of the most anticipated events all year. In its 15th season at the Old Bridge Township racetrack, the OGS team has been bringing hardcore import drag racing to the East Coast for a decade-and-a-half, and it has only gotten bigger and better each and every year.

The Fall Nationals, for short, is a two-day event. And this year, the threat of rain was in the forecast for the weekend. But that never stopped racers all around the country, from spending sleepless nights, preparing for the big weekend. This season, the big dogs of the East Coast came out, ready to play. The East Coast also had the privilege of hosting their West Coast counterparts with Sheepey Soto and his team from California taking the long trip from the Sunshine State to New Jersey where they gave the fans something to scream about when their Integra ran a 8.79 @ 179 mph. Be sure to check out the video from DCSPhoto of Sheepey’s journey to get to the Sport Compact Car Fall Nationals!

The sport of drag racing is all about true competition that burns deep in the heart and soul of everyone involved. But its also about family, friends, and forging relationships that last a lifetime. It’s about over-coming goals and bringing smiles. Watching records get broken, and seeing racing that is so tightly contested are things that will never be forgotten. This past Fall Nationals just re-affirmed the beauty and power of the sport. Although rain did cut short the racing on the second day of the Fall Nationals, the impact of the weekend had already been felt with some truly incredible racing, ET’s and showmanship. From Speed Factory’s  Outlaw class civic breaking World-Records with a 8.13 @ 188 mph pass to Loan Prayoonto running yet another 9 second pass in the K-Tuned All-Motor class, among other notable highlights, Fall Nationals lived up to its reputation as it has always done.   Check out the video coverage with a collabo between our friends at 4 Banger Productions and IAmTaiBoogie of the event, and then be sure to check out SNTRL’s full coverage including the photos and full gallery below. Enjoy!

Photo coverage by: Norman M.Photography | Al Norris Photography | R.French Photography

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